Skipping breakfast could slow down your metabolism

Skipping breakfast could slow down your metabolism

A new study from Tel Aviv University explains what links the habit of skipping breakfast to a slower metabolism and a greater need for sugar in the afternoon and at nightfall: according to the researchers, a breakfast made before nine thirty in the morning, richer as a meal and including carbohydrates, regulates blood sugar and insulin sensitivity during the day, increases metabolism but not only.

In fact, it avoids eating more sweets and foods that would promote an increase in serotonin in the intestine from afternoon to evening , which as new studies reveal ( source ) would affect the accumulation of visceral fat, because it would cause a reduction in brown fat, the bound fat. to greater energy expenditure . In people who skip breakfast, insulin sensitivity would be worse, resulting in problems with glycemic spikes after meals.

The ideal breakfast is the one based on lean proteins (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese) with fruit, honey or a little wholemeal bread and dark chocolate, the extra ingredient that would extinguish the desire for sweets during the rest of the day. Even a homemade chocolate cake with healthy ingredients, balanced in proteins, could promote weight loss.

If you love sweets , treat yourself to something more in the morning, focusing on nutritious and healthy foods to reduce the desire for sweets, especially if you tend to suffer from them starting in the afternoon.
For example, try this homemade Nutella , to spread on a slice of wholemeal or rye bread, accompanying it all with an egg and egg white omelette and a homemade orange juice. Or a slice of this cocoa protein cake, to be paired with a cappuccino made with skim milk.

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