Silver ions, the secret ingredient for restful sleep

Silver ions, the secret ingredient for restful sleep

How to improve sleep quality? The starting point is to choose the right mattress, capable of supporting the body and keeping mites and bacteria at bay.


Sleep and health, an indissoluble combination

The Italians described in the Coop 2020 Report are increasingly healthy . For 45% of our compatriots, health is the indispensable ingredient for happiness in the near future. A result that is the child of the pandemic , but is part of a much wider awareness.

The formula for keeping fit is made up of many habits. For example, going to school or to work on the saddle of a bike (one in two Italians already does it, one in four indicates it among the good intentions). Or, even in times of crisis, do not mind expenses when it comes to food , avoiding ready meals and trying your hand at the stove.

There is one aspect, however, that often goes unnoticed : sleep . The most attentive perhaps reflect on its quantity . The hectic days, the office hours that go far beyond the standard 18 and the smartphones always on, in fact, make it more difficult to fall asleep and encourage nocturnal awakenings . 

The quality , however, is just as relevant. We spend about a third of our life sleeping : if we are satisfied with any bed, which forces us to positions that do not respect our ergonomics, we slowly wear out our body. Not to mention hygiene, as mattresses and pillows are the ideal habitat for mites and bacteria .

Silver ions, a new resource in the service of sleep

After over thirty years of experience in the sector, the Brianza-based company PG srl has developed a new line of mattresses that best combines comfort and safety. It is called the Silver Dream mattress and is the result of intense research work.

The reach area is in water-foamed polyurethane and the upper one is in memory foam , a material that reacts to weight and body temperature. Night after night, this foam “memorizes” the exact position that the person assumes during sleep, supporting it exactly in the points where it is most needed and avoiding waking up in the throes of annoying ailments. The two components are joined by an odorless, hygienic and non-toxic water-based glue .

For those who fear that memory foam traps heat, the company has developed a particular process that favors the circulation of air , keeping the mattress always fresh. 

But the real revolution is the fabric upholstery treated with silver ions . Outside the niche of insiders, in fact, few imagine that silver ions kill 99% of bacteria . By doing so, they interrupt the feeding cycle of dust mites , those microscopic animals capable of releasing countless particles that accumulate, are inhaled and trigger unpleasant  perennial  allergies .

Furthermore , the upholstery can be easily removed and washed at 60 degrees, to guarantee impeccable hygiene.

Quality and made in Italy within the reach of every family

All the components just mentioned are certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex , one of the best known control systems for the textile sector. Through scrupulous tests conducted by independent inspectors, this label certifies that no substance used can harm your health. 

As a further protection and demonstration of its roots in the territory, the company strongly wanted to keep all the steps of the supply chain in Italy , from raw material to production.

The use of a still pioneering technology , combined with the made in Italy and the ten-year guarantee , could suggest that the Silver Dream mattresses are certainly not affordable for all budgets.

To democratize good sleep, the idea was to eliminate the steps of the traditional distribution chain . The result? Customers buy their mattress (complete with accessories) only in the manufacturer’s e-commerce, at a very competitive factory price.

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