She was a victim of the yo yo effect, she lost weight without a diet

She was a victim of the yo yo effect, she lost weight without a diet

As you all know, by now, we define the yo yo effect or the yo-yo effect, from the yo-yo game that perhaps someone remembers, as that tendency to lose weight and take it back even with a few extra pounds, lose it and get it back.

In the long run, the yo yo effect is harmful to the body for several reasons.


  1. Progressive loss of fat mass and slowing of metabolism
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Greater health risks: cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome risks
  4. Hormonal impairment, especially for the thyroid
  5. Difficult relationship with food, stress, digestive problems, sleep problems, menstrual problems (for women), emotional hunger.
  6. The need for an increasingly restrictive diet to remain at a stable weight (unless you improve your lifestyle).
  7. Long-term tendency to accumulate fat mass.


In short, if the yo yo effect is a consequence of diets made and abandoned and of an incorrect lifestyle, there is the possibility of stopping the vicious circle. How? Just by reviewing the eating and living habits but without trying again with a new diet.
This is the case of Belinda Brodie , who has lost the beauty of over 80 kilos since her wedding , simply by stopping diets, but by reviewing her diet and increasing physical activity.

Since diets were getting her nowhere, and Belinda had turned to nutritionists without being able to continue their eating programs, she began to reduce her sedentary lifestyle first.

She signed up for a jiu-jitsu class, something she really enjoyed, and she started doing it six times a week.
On the day of rest, you set aside some time to walk. All while working and having children and a husband.

Later, she began reviewing the things that were wrong with her normal diet.

Like many people who eat poorly, Belinda knew exactly what was wrong with her diet.
She not only at lunch she often ordered ready meals or ate a pizza out of her, but at breakfast after biscuits and various sweets she left the house and ate a croissant with colleagues. With the result that she had already exceeded two thousand calories in the afternoon alone.
At dinner then she, between tiredness, little time and laziness, she ended up heating up a frozen food or ordering something from outside. And on the sofa she ate something sweet. For a total of 3500 calories per day. 

He therefore decided to cut out ready-to-eat foods as much as possible and eliminate sweets and ice cream at home.
She also decided not to order food out when she returned in the evening. This way she cut calories by half.

Now he eats oat flakes with milk and little fruit for breakfast and a snack, at lunchtime he eats a mixed salad with two eggs or tuna or shrimp or chicken, avoiding condiments, for a snack he eats a fruit and for dinner he just a portion of meat or fish with some vegetables. Something quick to prepare. After dinner it is limited to a popsicle or a small fruit.

A radical change that allowed her to lose 82 kilos in about 6-7 years. She weighs little at a time, with an average of two kilos a month, but she never regained it.

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