Senile dementia, the drink that reduces the risks

Senile dementia, the drink that reduces the risks

A recent meta -analysis confirms the effectiveness of a drink, based on a mix of nutrients known as Fortasyn Connect, against the risks of senile dementia, the decline of cognitive abilities, the risk of Alzheimer’s. The drink in question would be Souvenaid , a drink based on omega3 fatty acids, phytocomplexes, vitamins and milk proteins, produced and distributed in Italy by Nutricia, at a price of about 3-4 euros per bottle.
According to the LipiDiDiet study , published in The Lancet Neurology journal, who analyzed the effectiveness of Souvenaid in a sample of over three hundred people with risk of cognitive decline or symptoms of dementia, taking this product for two years may reduce the risk of senile dementia, but it is obviously not a cure for the itself, nor is it a cure for Alzheimer’s, even in the early stages.
Therefore, the Souvenaid would act as a preventive measure.
However, research confirms that a correct diet , rich in omega3 and vitamins of groups B, C and E, would prevent a series of pathologies related to cognitive decline.
To learn more about the principles of this diet, check out my article on the MIND diet here .

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