Self-eroticism during your period: why it’s good for you

Self-eroticism during your period: why it’s good for you

Masturbation during your period is not harmful, on the contrary it can bring numerous benefits to the female body. Let’s see what positive effects it can have.


Self-eroticism during your period: why it’s good for you

If you are used to thinking that during menstruation the only contact to keep with your genitals is that aimed at intimate hygiene and the replacement of pads or menstrual cups , it is time for you to change your mind.

Like any other activity (from sports to sex), masturbating on your period isn’t harmful . On the contrary: auto-eroticism in “those days” is really good . Let’s see why.

The benefits of masturbation during menstruation1. Masturbating during your period decreases pain
It is estimated that between 60% and 90% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea, which is painful menstruation , including about 10% in severe form.

2. In short, almost all of us face abdominal cramps and abdominal tension on a monthly basis . But few of us think that a completely natural pain reliever with no contraindications could be masturbation.

3.  Contractions of orgasm can lead to a decrease in some types of prostaglandins responsible for menstrual cramps. In addition, the release of oxytocin and dopamine gives a feeling of not only psychological but also physical well-being.


4. Masturbating with your period is more pleasant During the days of menstruation , the production of progesterone , the “enemy” hormone of sexual desire, decreases considerably . This explains why many women perceive an increase in arousal precisely in the days of their period . Not only that: the menstrual flow and the greater vaginal lubrication make both penetration and external stimulation more pleasant .

5. Auto-eroticism decreases the duration of menstruation
The last advantage of masturbation during the cycle, less empirically demonstrable, is the slight decrease in its duration . Muscle contractions related to orgasm would favor the outflow of menstrual blood, reducing the length of the cycle.
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The best sex toys to use during your period

As we have seen , there are no activities prohibited during menstruation , including the use of sex toys . But among the myriad of female sex toys available, there are some that are more suitable for use on the days of the cycle , by type of stimulation or material.

Green light to all clitoral vibrators : their use is external and focuses, in fact, on the clitoris.

Try to place your clitoral vibrator also in the lower part of the belly: you will see that the vibrations will give a pleasant relief even to the cramps that lurk in that area .

If, on the other hand, you prefer internal stimulation ,choose without delay glass dildos (very easy to clean after use) or, if you prefer medical silicone sex toys, remember to pay even more attention to hygiene before and after use , using in addition to warm water and soap neutral a specific antibacterial.

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