Today we discover the Secretlab Magnus, a magnetic desk that seems to come from the future, thanks to the thousand features it presents.

After a series of gaming chairs of exceptional quality, the well-known company Secretlab today has the pleasure of unveiling to the world Secretlab Magnus , a magnetic desk with truly stunning features, which aims to revolutionize the lives of players and beyond , as it is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their setup (even for business reasons).

Carrying the name of a rather noble brand, which has always used the quality of its products as a workhorse, the Secretlab Magnus desk can really improve the quality of everyday workstations, with elegance and style , but at the same time solidity . in terms of materials and resistance.

The desk is offered in two variants, to adapt to the spaces in the best way. In fact, we are talking about a 120 cm long and 70 cm wide version , while another one with a length of 150 cm which has the same width. In both cases we will have to deal with a height of 73.5 cm , easily extendable up to 75.5 cm.

Secretlab Magnus

The product will first feature an entire magnetic ecosystem , which appears to be perfect for creating order and stability in cables. Through a real channel dedicated to the wiring, it will be possible to arrange everything in the best possible way and hide it easily, thanks to a cover that can close the rear part . The classic straps are replaced this time by magnetic anchors and customized straps.

Through the special compartments placed on the legs of the desk it will be particularly simple to route the cables towards the right path, to hide them and arrange them after exiting the PC or the various sockets.

With the Secretlab Magnus desk, the company seems to have expertly patented a system to stop the fears of all PC users . We are obviously talking about messy cables full of dust that emerge from every corner, and often end up being damaged.

Secretlab Magnus

Secretlab Magnus will present modular and magnetic accessories , created specifically for the product in question. From decorative RGB LED strips , to cable and headphone fixings , you can choose between more space for your workstation, or greater order and stability.

With all the metal accessories and easily customizable, the Secretlab Magnus desk will allow you to revolutionize your workstation in an instant , in order to make it the most optimal for your needs, or for the arrival of new accessories to be included in your setup.


There is also a further interesting touch of class, Secretlab has decided to make its new product perfectly “compatible” with the previous line of gaming chairs . The height of the desk is in fact designed specifically for those who use any of the models patented by the company, and will be able to obtain maximum comfort during their sessions, whether it is for play or work.

Secretlab Magnus

Regarding the surface of the desk, Secretlab has already thought of a themed mat , the Secretlab MAGPAD . This will be available in the Stealth variant , or with different Special Editions . The iconic pad will be completely magnetic in the lower part, in order to remain firmly at the desk and ensure maximum comfort for users, and is obviously patented tailored to the desk in question.

In short, we are faced with a truly unique product , which will undoubtedly revolutionize the use of everyday PCs , after a simple, rather comfortable setup and a few attempts to optimize everything according to your needs.

Before leaving you, we are pleased to announce that the larger version is already available for purchase at the official store , and that the second model will arrive at a later time, just like further editions with bundles of additional bespoke accessories.

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