Here is our review of the Seagate Game Drive PS4 themed The Last of Us Part 2, a particular hard drive that is really interesting!

The debut of The Last of Us Part 2 was certainly a success, and Ellie ‘s adventure undoubtedly remained in the hearts of many fans. Apart from the Collector’s Editions presented, we could also admire the arrival of the Seagate Game Drive PS4 themed The Last of Us Part 2 , a real tribute to the title of Naughty Dog by the well-known tech company. This is a product already available , which we have had the opportunity to test over the past few weeks, as we have interfaced with the latter on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro systems., machines to which the hard disk is dedicated. So let’s see what we found, and discover the qualities of the officially licensed Seagate Game Drive PS4 of The Last of Us Part 2.Seagate Game Drive PS4

The Last of Us Part 2 Seagate Game Drive PS4 has style!

In addition to being functional and consistent, The Last of Us Part 2 themed Seagate Game Drive PS4 is really well cared for and perfect for the PS4 ecosystem

Distancing itself from the classic black or solid-color Hard Drives, Seagate wanted to pay homage to the now iconic Ellie tattoo through this product. In the interesting package there is the hard drive and a USB 3.0 cable to connect to your PlayStation, with all that is accompanied by an almost optional instruction manual. Just as per the tradition of consoles, unlike the PC world, the article wants to enter 100% in the Plug & Play category . In fact, it will only be necessary to connect the cable to finally have access to the 2 Terabytes of additional space , the only memory cut currently available. The object is solid and of quality already to the touch, as well as extremely consistent.The data stored is undoubtedly safe , but what data is it? We are talking about a product created exclusively for the PlayStation system, designed and patented for the storage of dozens of video games , which can work easily even if placed outside the base disk where the operating system is installed. Fortunately, in all the tests carried out, we were able to confirm these premises , which obviously also apply to the classic versions of the Seagate Game Drive PS4.

Dozens of games to keep

Despite being a licensed product, the hard drive in question is priced in line with the company’s product range, while playing the same role as already mentioned without problems. 2 Terabytes might seem few , but it is a lot of memory, which can really contain more titles than you can imagine, and which therefore allows you not to have to delete important pieces of your library when substantial updates or new works arrive. install and play. We also confirm that the object has a specific weight that is not exaggerated at all, and that in the same way its small size allows 100% portability , whether you want to transfer your saves to another PlayStation or take the console on a trip .

We do not know if the article will work best even with PlayStation 5, given the presence of an internal SSD for the latter, but as regards the ecosystems of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro it is really difficult to find a flaw in the object , given that the latter is also offered at an affordable price. Only further cuts other than the 2 Terabyte one are missing, which could have brought the product closer to the needs of each type of user with greater ease.

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