During the IFA in Berlin, Samsung highlighted the company’s commitment to developing new products and services aimed at …

During the IFA in Berlin, Samsung emphasized the company’s commitment to the development of new products and services aimed at giving life to a new era, the “ Connected Living “. The company has specified that it is working on innovations that can make people’s daily lives much easier, quieter and safer. According to HS Kim (President and CEO of Samsung ‘s consumer division ), the company’s new products are designed to connect with each other in order to offer users a more enjoyable life:

Samsung is uniquely positioned to offer consumers a full range of cutting-edge AI and IoT products and services based on our broad portfolio of televisions, displays, audio systems, home appliances and, of course, mobile devices.  Our goal is to usher in the new era of Connected Living, where our products and services interact with each other to make people’s lives richer, smarter and more enjoyable.


Samsung is committed to keeping its eye on the future. In fact, the company has announced investments of billions of dollars to ensure the continuous integration of innovations in hardware, software and services. Furthermore, with the opening of new research centers dedicated to artificial intelligence around the world, Samsung expects to employ 1,000 new researchers in its facilities by 2020.

Furthermore, the Korean company is implementing the next generation networks and expects to introduce the first 5G -based domestic broadband service in the United States by the end of the year . In this sense it will be necessary to develop an advanced network infrastructure that will be the basis for this new era of “ Connected Living “.


Speaking instead of the devices that Samsung intends to implement, these are mainly products designed to improve daily life at home, but there are certainly new projects for connectivity via smartphone:

8K Resolution :

Samsung has presented its new TV ( QLED TV 8K Q900R ) which we have had the opportunity to tell you about in this article , and which will implement a new Real 8K Resolution technology to offer truly clear images with a level of detail never seen before.

Curved Gaming Monitor CJG5:

In the 32-inch and 27-inch versions, it has all the fundamental technologies for the gaming world. The high resolution, curved screen, and 144Hz refresh rate make this monitor the perfect tool for a great gaming experience. This new monitor model will be available globally in the third quarter of 2018.


A range of smart appliances :

First of all the devices for the home we have  Family Hub , a refrigerator with which users can enjoy a Connected Living experience that makes life in the kitchen even more comfortable. Using the large touchscreen , this device allows you to easily control connected devices and quickly manage all diet-related reminders.

Dual Cook Flex  will increase cooking efficiency to meet the needs of each family member efficiently. With the Cooking Guide function it is also possible to receive suggestions on the compartment to use based on the ingredients and the type of cooking of the various meals.

The Quick Drive washing machine   is able to wash the laundry in half the time without compromising the washing performance, ensuring greater availability of time. In addition, the AI-based Q-rator system works as a personalized and intelligent assistant, while the Laundry Planner function minimizes wasted time for washing.

New mobile experiences: 

During the event,  Samsung presented its top-of-the-range smartphone ( Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ) which we have had the opportunity to talk about in detail in this article . In addition, this new smartphone offers excellent productivity and without compromising security, thanks to the configuration, distribution and management capabilities offered by the Samsung Knox platform .

As part of the IFA was also presented Samsung Watch , which with a longer battery life (up to 80 hours), eliminates the need for daily recharging. In addition, this smartwatch combines the appearance of a traditional watch with the most advanced smart technologies, giving it an elegant appearance and with all the Hi-Tech benefits we are used to.

With the addition of LTE connectivity , this new  Samsung Watch is now also able to stay connected to a smartphone without tethering . In addition, Samsung Watch has a new monitoring system for stress management, a heart rate monitor and a sleep monitoring function.

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