Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev

Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev

Modern guru, Sadhguru is an international spokesperson for the world yoga community and Hinduism. Author of numerous bestselling books, his thinking is anchored in an idea of ​​India as the home of a higher and less dogmatic knowledge of truth.


  • The life of Jaggi Vasudev
  • Isha Foundation
  • Nationalist thinking


Sadhguru is one of the most representative modern characters of classical yoga and Hinduism , so much so that he was invited to speak at the UN, the House of Lords in London, the MIT in Cambridge, the World Economic Forum, the IMD in Lausanne, and was chosen as the lead voice in favor of International Yoga Day . 


In her figure, orthodox and classical yoga blend with a rational, dynamic and positive temperament. Not infrequently Sadhguru writes articles for numerous international newspapers, comments on world events and takes political positions, has fun by continuously learning new things , debunking the myth of the guru detached from reality . Known are the videos of when he learned to ride the dirt bike.


The life of Jaggi Vasudev

Yogi, guru and author of books, Sadhguru was born as Jaggi Vasudev in 1957 in South India. He has been practicing yoga since childhood under the guidance of famous masters, but it is at the age of 25 that he achieves his first true spiritual realization that will propel him to formulate his life mission and to teach yoga rather than learn it. 


His very active and pragmatic nature led him to start many businesses and start a family, but over the decades, in addition to having founded the Isha Foundation , all the money earned from his activities went to help the most needy sections of Indian society. and in the direction of education.


Master of the English language like few others, he is the author of numerous best sellers, first of all Ineer Engineering: a Yogi’s Guide to Joy , translated and published in Italian with the title Joy is within everyone’s reach – The way of Yoga. The net is invaded by videos of his conversations with the public, satsang , full of always unique and unexpected points of view and shrewd answers. Sadhguru’s profound culture exudes from his answer to questions on every subject, without ever banality and without (almost) never falling into preaching.


Isha Foundation

The headquarters of the Isha Foundation is  in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , where Sadghuru also built the statue of Adiyogi Shiva, the largest bust in the world, 34 meters high, in honor of Shiva as a yogi.


In his ashram Sadhguru conducts yoga programs in which millions of people participate every year, not only from India and neighboring countries but also from the West. His foundation is mainly dedicated to educational, reforestation and environmental protection projects. At this time, his foundation coordinates a group of volunteers who help poor villages to cope with the COVID-19 emergency .


Sadhguru is known for his deep knowledge of yoga, Hinduism and traditional sacred texts. According to him, what distinguishes India from the rest of the world is the fact of practicing a religion not based on beliefs, but based on the search for truth and the absence of
definitive dogmas, in short, ” a nation of researchers and not of believers ” , to use his words. 


Nationalist thinking

In some cases, Sadhguru has been criticized for promoting traditional practices that have no scientific basis, and for having, in times of intense internal conflict between Hindus and Muslims, described the Muslim invasion of India which began in the eighth century as more harmful of British colonialism.


Evident is, in fact, his nationalist streak that makes him consider Hindu knowledge in some way superior to many others and analyzing the videos, edited and edited with an impact language, we find above all philosophy within everyone’s reach and motivational slogans , while all deep yogic knowledge remains mostly, for some reason, unexpressed. 

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