After the presentation of the new NVIDIA RTX 3000 video cards, we reflect on the potential that these can offer to the market.

The arrival of a new event by NVIDIA has been anticipated over the months by rumors and rumors, just like the series of GeForce RTX 3000 cards , consecutive to the GeForce RTX 2000 which brought a new numbering change after the success of the family of 1000 cards. The current top of the range, RTX 2080Ti , is actually just sufficient to maximize the experience on the graphic front with current video games, as it cannot sustain the blow in several cases, especially when the Ray Tracing – visual technology more and more widespread in the videogame field – gets a hand. It is difficult to imagine the same situation with the arrival of the new platformsSony and Xbox , as game claims will tend to increase over the years. A modernization was therefore needed to the current market, which on the high-end does not see competition from the competitor AMD , which seems to be mainly focused on providing computing power to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and on planning its next step.RTX 3000What can I say, NVIDIA has made it, and in style! We all knew that the arrival of a next generation of video cards was imminent, but this one managed to amaze most of the users, also thanks to some videos regarding the unexpected addition of Ray Tracingin several titles, such as Fortnite . Needless to say, the highlight however is on the tech side, on the GPUs that will be able to provide us with enough power to play with a better graphics level than what happens on consoles, which according to the premises will also happen for the next generation of videogames. So let’s analyze the potential of these new components just announced, which will all make their debut by the month of October and will be able to refresh the PC configurations of players in no time at all.

Not only Ray Tracing thanks to the RTX 3000

As already mentioned, Ray Tracing now seems to be an established technique in the market , which will be increasingly exploited by developers, also considering that the hardware of the next consoles will allow to bring this type of visual landscape even in the homes of all players. outside the PC world. It was therefore obvious that a substantial improvement was expected in this respect, as the first family of RTX was in some ways immature in the field of optimization , and therefore a greater sprint was needed to entice developers to make their next titles compatible in this area. Well, the upgrade has undoubtedly arrived, but the new cards are amazing, at least according to what is shown, for other reasons too.

Leaving aside the interesting techniques regarding the optimization and graphics rendering of the NVIDIA house, the company amazed us by providing physical devices capable of generating a lot of computing power, with a convenience that would have been almost impossible to predict. Numbers in hand, at the recommended price of € 435 excluding VAT ( about € 530 ), the RTX 3070 is patented to slightly exceed the current top of the range in the consumer range(RTX 2080Ti), which literally sells for double the price. As usual, some custom that will soon make their debut could increase and decrease this figure, but the same is already basic incredible, and manages to make the next “mid-range” accessible for users who have not taken into consideration the purchase of the high-end in the last period.


As if that were not enough, the RTX 3080 seems to guarantee an even better value for money , doubling on paper the potential of the RTX 2080 for € 606 excluding VAT ( about € 740 ), a graphics card still currently extremely performing, and far exceeding those of the RTX 2080Ti, and consequently the RTX 3070. This seems to be the perfect compromise for those who want to launch on the high end and fully enjoy higher resolutions at high refresh rates. The queen of the 3000 is still missing, the RTX 3900 , which will allow you to play in 8K and enjoy Ray Tracing at the same time ; considering its price, however, – 1300 € excluding VAT ( 1600 € approx) – it is clear that this is an article intended for a narrow range of users who want to immediately focus on the future of technology.

Fighting consoles and AMD

We therefore have three products ready to revolutionize the PC market , which basically can only be perfect for those who are inclined towards this world compared to consoles. Those who have recently joined the 2000 family will undoubtedly turn up their noses, but the lowering of the price of the latter is now only a matter of time, and it is clear that in the next few months the hardware market will always be able to offer opportunities. better thanks to the discounts , indirectly fighting the bargain prices of consoles, complete machines that in this generation seem to go almost hand in hand with the best PCs.

However, it is clear that the RTX 3000 are born specifically with the aim of defeating the console world , as they offer players an alternative that is certainly more expensive, but which already promises to be better than what PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Xthey will be able to guarantee over the next few years. At the same time, less demanding users will soon be able to take advantage of the prices of the old families of video cards, which are ready to aim downwards. It is true that the cost of an RTX 3070 alone will most likely beat the launch price of the new Xbox and Sony platforms, and that therefore these two connected and often conflicting worlds will continue to clash with each other. Ultimately, however, all this is certainly fortunate for users, who frequently have the pleasure of hearing incredible offers from companies that try to bring the public to theirs, just like NVIDIA did.

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