Rice and tuna diet: does it work for fast weight loss?

Rice and tuna diet: does it work for fast weight loss?

The rice and tuna diet is one of the so-called fad diets, or lightning diets.
You can lose 3kg per week with this regimen, but does it really work?

Here’s everything you need to know if you want to try the rice and tuna diet.


The rice and tuna diet is a diet that comes from a very successful book, “ Foods that harm foods that heal ”. In the book, rice and tuna are listed among the best foods for fast weight loss.

Hence the rice and tuna diet, which would make you lose 3 kg in 7 days simply by eating the same menu for 7 days in a row.
In some cases we speak of 6 days, but the substance does not change.

  • Breakfast with 200 grams of fruit + tea or coffee.
  • Lunch and dinner with a maximum of 90 grams of white or brown rice + a large box of natural tuna with vegetables of your choice, but without oil.
  • Two snacks based on a low-fat yogurt, like Vitasnella.
  • In this way, a maximum of 1100 calories are consumed per day.

The problem is that this diet is actually a very simplified version of the one that appeared in the book.

Of course, the reduced rice and tuna diet causes weight loss for two reasons.

  • The first is that the daily calories are very low.
  • The second is that the monotony of food makes us satiated earlier.

However, there are also disadvantages.

  • Eat rice twice a day for the whole week and only eat tuna twice a day for the whole week.
  • Canned tuna is definitely a food suitable for a weight loss diet (the 112 gram box provides only 100 calories). But it is also a highly mercury contaminated fish. Eating it all the time exposes us to greater health risks.

In fact, going to see the original version, the diet is much more varied and allows you to lose 2-3 kilos per week.

However, it remains very low-calorie: therefore it can only be suitable for one or two weeks as long as you introduce some more food from the third week and must be done under medical supervision.

On Dcomedieta I will present the original version.

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