After concluding Resident Evil Village, let’s sum up the ending, explain some steps and fantasize about the future Resident Evil 9.

Despite the complaints related to the duration of Resident Evil Village , it must be said that there are things to talk about in the finale, and many. The game, released a few days ago on practically all consoles, brought our Ethan Winters back to grappling with dangers of all kinds (and every fright). So if you haven’t finished Resident Evil Village yet and don’t want to spoil the ending with spoilers, we recommend that you save the article as a favorite and come back in a while. If not, let’s analyze this ending together, the various scenes and the future of the series.


Resident Evil

Mother Miranda, the Megamicete and Ethan Winters

At the end of the fair, Chris wasn’t evil: the person he believed he killed at Ethan’s house wasn’t Mia Winters but Mother Miranda , the game’s villain. In fact, she can change her appearance, and she has done so throughout the game, passing from her role to those of Mia (which she has replaced for at least a few weeks), even to the old woman of the village. Her goal was to take Rosemary Winters , the daughter of Ethan and Mia, and use her to revive her daughter Di lei Eveline , who died of the Spanish Flu. In fact, Miranda had worked on the Megamicete(after being changed with contact with mold), a particular organism capable of doing various things, just to bring her daughter back to life: thanks to this she became the being she is during the game, and finally gave skills to four experiments he used to figure out how to help Eve, namely Alcina Dimitrescu , Donna Beneviento, Moreau and Heisenberg. Of the four the only one who had positive results was the latter, while the others had more problems.

However, it becomes interesting when it is discovered that Rose is actually endowed with great powers: for this reason, and to avoid being killed by the child, Mother Miranda kidnaps her and divides her into four containers. It all obviously connects to why it’s so special: what we discover during the final part of the game, after defeating Heisenberg, is that Ethan Winters is actually dead at the beginning of Resident Evil 7 : Jack killed him with his kick in the face. The ability of mold, however, is to incorporate the conscience of the people with whom it comes into contact, and for this reason it seems that Ethan is reborn in the form of mold (totally or in large part), so as to explain his abilities that we have seen at the operates in Resident Evil 7 andVillage .

For this reason Rose seems to be important: the baby was conceived by Ethan, then made of mold , and Mia, infected with the virus and then treated with the antidote. We do not know if her abilities were then enhanced by the ritual done by Mother Miranda, but basically in the future that we see in the finale, the girl is certainly in training, or under test, in the company where Chris works .

Resident Evil Village Rose

Umbrella Corporation, Spencer, the T-Virus and Resident Evil 7

During the game phase with Chris, saving Mia Winters from the cell, it is possible to read documents related to a contact between Mother Miranda and Oswell E. Spencer , founder of the Umbrella Corporation . It is understood that Mother Miranda’s idea of ​​using the Megamycete to save her daughter was too limited as a result. In fact, Spencer explains that his goal remains to be able to save humanity, and he also decided to do it using a different vector: if mold can give results, Spencer believes that viruses can work better. A few years after learning about mold from Mother Miranda, Spencer discovers the Progenitor Virus, which will later become the basis for all Umbrella experiments.

Umbrella will be born for the study of this virus: in fact, in the letter Spencer explains to Mother Miranda that he wants to open this company together with his two friends. He finally explains that he will use the symbol he saw in the cave, the same one that Ethan sees when he escapes after defeating Lady Dimitrescu. Therefore, if the connection between the old chapters and the new ones is limited to this, we can say differently for Resident Evil 7 : the letters in fact make us understand how Mother Miranda “delegated” the search for her, at a certain point in her life, to the The Connections organization, where Mia Winters worked. Obviously we know what happened in Resident Evil 7, but all those events are reduced by Mother Miranda as research errors, actions done by receiving the materials from Miranda herself but applying them in the wrong way

Resident Evil Village

The mutations

In short, Mother Miranda experimented with mold by inserting it into various people through what she calls Cadou, parasites that then created the various monstrosities of the game. We have seen in the course of Resident Evil Village the basic enemies to be linked to Romanian and European folklore, and actually the four heads of families are also part of it.

So we can say that Lycans are a kind of werewolf, mostly a mutation that involves aggressive behavior and a thick hair on the body. It’s not the first time we’ve seen half-human, half-animal beings appear in the Resident Evil saga. In this case, however, they are waste, that is, born from the refusal of the Cadou and therefore a practically absent affinity between host and parasite. Despite the similarity with werewolves, basically there is talk of being contagious with the bite, therefore close to zombies. These are also present in the game in advanced forms, perhaps totally wolf or reinforced.

The Moroaica , on the other hand, are mutant creatures already dead: the various women killed by the Dimitrescu family, in fact, came back to life thanks to mold. The word comes from the fusion of Moroi, which in Romanian indicates a creature of folklore that comes out of the tombs periodically to consume the living (therefore a zombie in practice) and -oaica, ending that indicates that these creatures are all female. Another creature of Romanian folklore are the Samca , strange beings with wings that we will meet outside the Dimitrescu castle.

Little to say instead about the Soldat , creatures that seem closer to that species of zombie that we will meet in the village as we advance in the game, but with mechanical upgrades made by Heisenberg: being “created” in series, there are various types, but it seems It is logical to think that all are born from the “base” creatures we will meet.

To top it all off, of course, we have the most complex and important creatures.

  • Lady Alcina Dimitrescu : she seems to all intents and purposes a vampire, and together with her daughters she lives in the Dimitrescu Castle. The three daughters are what in Dracula’s mythology are called Witches, and they show different powers, as well as a weakness in the cold. This could be a transposition of a legend linked to vampires: if the story then tells that they are weak in sunlight, perhaps the “reality” was the contact with the cold, due to open windows (from which light also passed).
  • Donna Beneviento:  in this case we could have a partial control over inanimate objects that allows her to control the dolls (and induce altered psychophysical states).
  • Salvatore Moreau:  here we have what we can define as a sea creature, and there are tons of legends.
  • Heisenberg:  the most futuristic, but always linked to the control of inanimate objects with metals thanks to mold.

Regardless, every Resident Evil has taken creatures from the World of Darknesscombining them with science: just think of the technical explanation linked to the ability of mold holders to repair their damage. In fact, mold starts from ingesting nutrients from the subject’s body, taking control of the host’s cells and propagating. In this way, it allows the user to obtain important regenerative abilities thanks to the secretion of the fungus. This secretion is composed of a telomerase enzyme, capable of regenerating tissues (if we think about it, telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein which, with each duplication of DNA in the cells, is reduced, denoting cellular aging). In this way this enzyme would activate the pathway of kinase activities regulated by extracellular signals (ERK), forcing the cell division to regenerate damaged tissues up to the natural limit.

Resident Evil 7

BSAA, Chris Redfield and the future of the series

Now that all the knots are in place, there are 3 issues to discuss: what the hell was BSAA doingin the Village area, who does Chris work for and what awaits us in the future of the series? For the second, Chris certainly seems to work for his own group, his “pack”: he is in fact called Alpha, and this was also a bit of the inside joke that led users to think that Chris was a werewolf. . For the BSAA, it seems that it has undergone a sort of reversed march compared to Umbrella: if the latter in fact has gone from enemy of humanity to savior (with the support of Chris, even if we do not know much about that), maybe the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance instead has started using BOW (even if what we see at the end looks like a zombie of the first Resident Evil). We will probably live the history of BSAA well with a DLC:

The final ending of Resident Evil Village finally shows a young girl, Rosemary Winters, who goes to visit her father’s grave: the girl seems to be working with Chris, testing her skills (perhaps similar to those of Eveline), and most likely we will hear about it. talk in the future. So what lies ahead of us?

  • We will certainly never see Ethan Winters again : the game is keen to highlight how “the story of the father ends here”, and therefore there is little to say;
  • Chris Redfield – or any other historical characters – will likely return in future chapters (as the threads begin to come together) and this will lead to many welcome returns. The question remains only the period: if indeed the game will follow Rose’s timeline, then we would have a 60-year-old Chris or a 56-year-old Leon.
  • Rose Winters could in fact become the new protagonist: the problem is her power, which could upset the gameplay or worse, make it something too simplistic by eliminating the anxiety due to impotence against very powerful creatures.

In short, the ending of Resident Evil Village makes us think a lot about the future: maybe we could see a branch with chapters without Rose, centered on other threats, and chapters with Rose (protagonist or not) where the game completely changes genre or style. On the other hand, Resident Evil was born with the name of Biohazard , and what’s more of a bio-risk than having a girl who is powerful enough to be able to mentally control people and do supernatural things?

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