Reduce the salt with Dr. Oz’s mix of herbs and spices

Reduce the salt with Dr. Oz’s mix of herbs and spices

How to reduce the salt? Yes, we know that spices and aromatic herbs can be used to flavor our dishes, or marinated with lemon juice, mustard, yogurt, or even cooking and preparations such as “a scapece” where the use of vinegar makes it superfluous salt for vegetables or fish. But if we are looking for a recipe that really works , here is the mix of herbs and spices conceived by the team of nutritionists of the famous Dr. Oz Show , which is perfect for flavoring main courses, and thus reducing the salt in the foods we prepare.

The mix of herbs and spices must be prepared in abundance all together
 , and then stored in a jar together with the other spice containers. It is perfect for fish, meat, cooked vegetables, soy products, while it is not ideal for pasta dishes (but it could be good for couscous and baked potatoes). The trick is to use this product halfway through cooking , almost at the end, and only then complete with a pinch of salt. The dish should therefore not be salted first.
three tablespoons of oregano
three tablespoons of garlic powder
three tablespoons of onion powder
2 teaspoons of thyme (or dried and crumbled seaweed)
1 teaspoon of dried parsley
half a teaspoon of pepper

Mix all the ingredients and go! Your mix of spices and herbs to reduce salt when cooking is ready.

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