Let’s discover the new Razer Basilisk V2, one of the most customizable and powerful wired mice currently on the market.

The line of Razer Basilisk mice is among the most recent and innovative ever published by the well-known San Diego company. As for every peripheral, the American hardware company has created some very valuable models (wireless) and others that are cheaper, but always performing; today we have had the hard (so to speak) task of analyzing and reviewing the Basilisk V2 . Let’s go to the discovery of this new device and see if it has met our expectations.


The Razer product is sold inside a usual cardboard box completely black on the back and front, with a clearly visible illustration of the mouse flanked by the inevitable green “Razer” on the sides. On the back of the box, the company has decided to highlight all the features of the wired mouse (Razer Optical Switch, Speedflex cable and much more).

Once the box is opened, the mouse will be contained in a removable case, like a small cardboard drawer, with the product protected by a sticky plastic. This packaging technique certainly protects the device from bumps and is also very elegant. Inside the box we find the mouse, the instruction booklet, the inevitable Razer warranty seal and a small plastic button that you can apply at will on the left side of the product, which we will focus on later.


The Razer Basilisk V2 may initially look very similar to its previous wired version, but in our opinion this is not the case. This latest model is, in terms of performance and design, much closer to the Basilisk Ultimate Wireless . Aesthetically it appears much more elegant, with a design that is aggressive enough that it does not lead to any exaggeration. As with all Basilisk models, ergonomics is a priority, and also in this second model we find a marked comfort, with plastic corner strips crossed in the visible part of the mouse and a slightly elongated wrist rest with a high profile.

As we anticipated above, the mouse is equipped with a small “optional” button for the thumb (to be mounted at will on the left side of the mouse) which is very useful for lowering the DPI sensitivity of the device quickly even when in game (really useful for FPS).

Among the most interesting news stands a small button located under the mouse, which manages to change the degree of resistance for the scroll wheel. With this feature, each player can increase the accuracy or lower the resistance, so as to scroll through the wall text with a single touch of the finger or vice versa. This novelty could be a little inconvenient to use, because for each modification you will have to flip the device, but given the degree of customization of the Basilisk V2 , you will be able to get over it without any kind of problem.

The Basilisk V2 has a left button, a right button, a clickable scroll wheel and two buttons to adjust the DPI on the top of the mouse. On the side, there are two thumb buttons in addition to the aforementioned clutch. It’s a comfortable mouse, especially since Razer has improved the mouse glide feet for smoother control. Currently the Razer Basilisk V2it is a very performing gaming mouse and is not located in the range of the most expensive mice (€ 80), the handles are even more comfortable than previous models and the design appears more attractive than many higher-end models. Precisely for this reason we would like to say that Razer has managed to realize a splendid product, in fact managing to improve something that was already excellent in its foundations.

Technical features

The Basilisk V2 has all the features and functionality we need: the adjustable scroll wheel, two finely textured handles, improved scroll feet and a more precise sensor offering up to 20,000 DPI.

As if this were not enough, the mouse also has five integrated profiles , capable of adapting to all the needs of each player, so that you can use your device anytime, anywhere and with any title. The only inconvenience is that to switch from one profile to another you can use a button located at the bottom of the device. If you don’t really like the idea, however, you can reprogram one of the front buttons, but even this option didn’t make us scream a miracle.

Razer Synapse software is used to reprogram the buttons or adjust the RGB lighting (a light is located in the scroll wheel flanking the one located under the Razer logo on the palm rest) . When the first Basilisk was launched , this software was still in beta and it seemed very frustrating to use it. Synapse , however, has been updated and is currently much more stable and intuitive. Once you learn how to use the program, it will be very easy to change the lighting as you like, create macros, change the functionality and adapt the device to all our requests.Razer Basilisk V2


We were able to thoroughly test the mouse with various titles. We’ve gone from trying it out on Overwatch, League of Legends, Warzone, and tested it with the Valorant beta as well. The added value of all the customizations emerged especially with the FPS. The clutch is a solid and interesting addition, because in times when we need to have as much precision as possible, we can get it with a light pressure of the thumb, and then restore normal speed. It is not an addition that will drastically change your level of play, but it certainly can help you improve and interact in some situations in an easy and less clumsy way.

On MOBAs like League of Legends , we still found it a great tool thanks to the various customizations and the precision of its pointer. Comfort also plays its part and has accompanied us for several hours of use, without ever tiring us heavily. Without a shadow of a doubt we are faced with a peripheral capable of adapting very well to all the needs of players, whether they are competitive or not at all.


Basilisk V2 , as we have told you previously, is the worthy evolution of an already excellent product. The price of wired gaming mice has a very wide range and this new device from Razer is squarely in the middle. The introduction of the clutch is certainly a good idea which, combined with the possibility of introducing or removing a PPE button on the left side of the mouse, makes it extremely customizable and adaptable to any need.

We are certainly not in front of the top range available on the market, but there is no doubt that the product is above average, perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable, customizable peripheral that easily adapts to different types of work. Whether you are a competitive gamer or not, you can safely rely on the solidity of this product, because we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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