Quick and easy desserts: light cocoa pudding

Quick and easy desserts: light cocoa pudding

This light cocoa pudding whose recipe I give you today is one of my classic snacks when I have little desire to throw myself in the kitchen and I want a delicious dessert. It is among the simple and quick desserts that I prefer, because it can be eaten both as a snack and after a meal, without feeling weighed down. Moreover, in its extreme simplicity it is very good, and has the advantage of having only one real main ingredient : bitter cocoa. For the rest it is made with water, any free addition of aromas and spices (powdered ginger, ground cinnamon, grated orange peel), a mix of sweeteners (erythrol + tic or dietor sweetener) and a gelling agent such as agar agar powder, which you can find in health food stores.
It has less than 60 calories for a 200-gram serving, nearly double that of a traditional pudding.
Here is the recipe for my light cocoa pudding. 

For a pudding:

15 grams of bitter cocoa like Perugina
250 ml of water
one teaspoon of agar agar
spices to taste or flavorings to taste (cinnamon or ginger or flavorings in a vial like vanilla , rum, etc.)
3 level teaspoons of erythritol plus three to four drops of Tic or Dietor
(whoever wants to can add just a pinch of salt)

How to make the light pudding: pour the water into a saucepan, dissolve a level teaspoon of agar agar in it and boil it for about 7 minutes over a very low heat. You have to count the minutes from the moment of boiling in order for the agar agar to gel when it is cooled. Meanwhile, in a container, mix the unsweetened cocoa with the mix of sweeteners (my choice for a taste similar to sugar is a mix of erythritol and sweetener in drops) and the chosen flavors. Once the 7 minutes have passed, turn off the saucepan and pour the boiling water over the cocoa powders and various aromas. Mix well, let it cool to room temperature and then in the fridge for an hour before tasting it.
Nutritional values ​​for pudding.
Calories: 59, of which 3.15 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, 1.30 grams of net carbohydrates.
The extra idea: for a “cuddly” effect, add 5 grams of grated coconut flour in the cocoa powder, before pouring the water. The calories in this case go up to 100. Same thing if we make the pudding using half water and half skimmed or vegetable milk without sugar, coconut or almond (like Provamel or Isolabio). 

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