Psycho-physical asthenia: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Psycho-physical asthenia: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Weakness, drowsiness, inability to concentrate, nervousness may be common manifestations of a condition of asthenia, which should be investigated thoroughly


Asthenia  is a generalized feeling of tiredness, a fatigue that expands even with the slightest physical effort. It is there on condition that leads to feeling “ without strength ”, to always feeling tired

It can be due to both stress and other illnesses . Let’s find out better how to cure it.

  • What is asthenia
  • Symptoms of asthenia
  • Causes
  • Pathologies related to asthenia
  • How long can fatigue last?
  • When should fatigue worry?
  • Diet
  • Herbal remedies for asthenia
  • Bach flowers
  • Chinese medicine
  • Essential oils
  • Exercises

What is asthenia

Asthenia is a symptom with no particular specificity that occurs concomitantly with other pathological conditions . It is a feeling of strong tiredness, which compromises the state of vitality, with lowering of blood pressure, reduction of both physical and mental performance.

Symptoms of asthenia

Individuals subjected to very intense work stress may experience prolonged episodes of asthenia. It is the so-called “burn out syndrome” , which represents a real form of exhaustion or wear and tear deriving from the nature of some professional duties.

This syndrome was first observed in the United States in people in various helping professions, such as nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, police officers, psychiatric hospital workers, childcare workers.

People with asthenia live in a constant state of lack of strength and physical and psychological weakness . Often, they feel the need to rest and a general feeling of sleep, which, however, cannot be eliminated, even while sleeping.  

Furthermore, the muscle strength is so low that, even if it is possible to perform particular movements, these are always done with little energy and slowness. 

Causes of asthenia

Fatigue can be a physiological response to excessive stress accumulation , but it can also depend on pre-existing diseases , such as:

  • Alterations in the functioning of the endocrine glands
  • Disorders such as diabetes , Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism.

Fatigue can also be caused by food shortages and insufficient integration of fundamental nutritional principles,  or it can be a symptom of anemia , neuromuscular diseases, intoxications.

As a manifestation of psychiatric affections it can be accompanied by depression and insomnia .

On the other hand, there is talk of spring asthenia  in the case of energy drops due to the seasonal change.

Pathologies related to asthenia

The condition of asthenia is often related to other pathologies that affect physical performance: chronic infections such as hepatitis, diabetes , hypothyroidism are alterations that cause severe fatigue in the subject who is affected.

Dietary deficiencies, anemia, neuromuscular diseases, fibromyalgia , are characterized by asthenia which lasts over time and which presents itself as the first alarm bell symptom.

How long can asthenia last?

The condition of asthenia can persist for a long time, it depends on the triggering cause. It goes without saying that in case of fatigue due to bacterial or viral infection and fever, remission will be faster, compared to asthenia caused by metabolic diseases, often irreversible. Generally a healthy rest and a “long sleep” are not enough to counteract this also disabling condition.

When should fatigue worry?

Sudden fatigue, with muscle aches, tremors and difficulty concentrating must be investigated with careful examinations. Unfortunately these are alarm bells that signal even serious pathologies, so it is good not to overlook these signs. Sometimes it’s easy to blame stress, overwork, or changing seasons. But very strong and debilitating exhaustion often hides something more.

In the event that after examinations you are faced with asthenia due to non-pathological fatigue, or chronic fatigue and depression, it is possible to implement some strategies and natural remedies to counter this condition and restore energy to the body.

Nutrition in case of asthenia

There are foods that can restore psychophysical balance. It is also advisable to give priority to green leafy vegetables that grow upwards such as: turnip greens , leeks , spring onions , chard , radish leaves , salads and country herbs.

Avoid dairy products and red meats, stimulants and foods that give a difficult-to-manage glycemic spike. Yes to seeds and nuts (without exaggerating).

Finally, it is useful to supplement the diet with vitamin B6 (1.5-2 mg per day), which regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and stimulates brain functions, tryptophan (260 mg per day) and magnesium  (350 mg per day), useful remedies in case of asthenic syndrome.

Herbal remedies for asthenia

Among the natural remedies we mention rhodiola and ginseng , which, together with eleutherococcus and guarana , these remedies are part of the so-called plant adaptogens .

The term “adaptogen” indicates a remedy capable of producing a general improvement in psychophysical conditions: increase in resistance to fatigue, regulation of metabolic functions, and an increase in cognitive abilities.

Among the herbal remedies there are also some  medicinal mushrooms useful for physical and mental fatigue and  asthenia, such as Reishi and Cordyceps . These help the body and the psyche to regain well-being, improving the quality of sleep, energy, mood, useful remedies in case of drowsiness, psychophysical asthenia.

Ginseng among the herbal remedies for asthenia

Bach flowers

Fatigue, mental asthenia and fatigue are treated with Hornbeam . Represents the ” Monday morning syndrome “, with difficulty starting the day, mental fatigue due to demotivation, routine; these people doubt they will not be able to face the day, fulfill their duties and tasks, have difficulty dealing with problems and fulfill their obligations, which is usually not a problem. 

Traditional Chinese medicine for asthenia

In addition to the Liver meridian, it is useful to treat those of the Heart and Spleen. Acupuncture mobilizes the qi , the energy of the Liver, and calms the shen . 


Essential oils

Above all we recommend the essential oil of lemon ( Citrus limonum ); a very uplifting and refreshing essential oil on the mind. Strengthens, revitalizes and “refreshes” the nervous system. It lightens and creates strength to break down the stagnation of energies, useful in case of nervous asthenia.



Movement reactivates. Movement is life . Even just one step after another, the thought of a walk is a going towards. The exercise from which we advise you to start again is the breath . Go back to honoring the beauty of introducing and expelling air.

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