Properly lose weight in six weeks

Properly lose weight in six weeks

Before you think about doing any weight loss diet , now or after the holidays or after the holidays or in a month or a year to come, you should read this article. Here are ten things to do  before embarking on a new dietary adventure that risks disappointing you
and  in its place be able to lose weight properly in 6 weeks . Trust me, it’s worth it. I’m sure you already know some of these things, others will force you to think before choosing any diet, and increase your chances of success in losing weight and changing your lifestyle. Are you ready? Street.


  1. You want to go on a diet to lose weight, but it would be stupid to go back to it right away, right? I know you don’t care now, you just want to lose weight and believe me, I’ve found myself many times in your “desperate” situation where I panicked. Thank goodness, less and less once I learn how to eat right. The DIET + RETURN TO YOUR NORMAL DIET
    cycle is wrong . So you gain weight and everything goes back to the way it was before, if not worse. Instead, you have to think about making some changes right away that you know you can keep forever.

  2. The diet to be done must last at least six months. If it seems unbearable to do for six months in a row, or if there are contraindications, it is not a good diet.
  3. How Much Weight Do You Need to Lose? If it’s only two or three pounds, skip the diet and eat a little less or make better choices by moving even more. I know, the results will be slower than those ten days of minestrone soup , but you don’t slow down your metabolism, and you don’t avoid dragging the pounds month after month because you wanted to take the shortcut.
  4. Read up on. You can choose to eat more whole carbs and fiber and less fat, or more fat and protein and zero carbs. The diets in circulation today are based on these two trends. They are both risky. If you eat balanced your metabolism will improve. Also, eating little or no carbohydrates is not a sustainable choice for a great many people, so go back to point two.
  5. Trust me, I’m not a doctor: Pay attention. If the diet was devised by a dietician, it is one thing, at least you will have to deal with a doctor; but if the diet is developed by a “doctor of the soul”, a guru, a personal trainer or a nutritionist graduated from the University of Life, it is worth thinking twice before giving it credit.
  6. Bet on happiness: the diet should make you happy, not sad. Not just because you are doing something for yourself , but because you eat right, discover new foods, approach a new and healthier lifestyle. For this to be possible you must focus on a large consumption of vegetables and a quality diet: do not end up having sad breakfasts, eating tasteless foods because they are light, diets with freeze-dried products and sachets. The ideal diet is your diet for life. You have to feel comfortable, similar to your favorite eating habits, with (in large part) foods that tempt you. This is the secret and then I’ll tell you how to go about making it happen.
  7. Focus on nutrients: Don’t weaken your body and metabolism with the first diet that promises you results but creates deficiencies. Remember that you are looking for a way to lose weight properly, without gaining weight, so your metabolism needs to work properly. How? Don’t deprive yourself of any nutrients. Fill up on vitamins and minerals, the right carbohydrates, proteins and a share of fats.
  8. The life buoy : Reward yourself. Do not reward yourself in such a way as to nullify the results, for example by eating freely one day inside, but give yourself one free meal a week , for example an aperitif or a dinner at a restaurant or a portion of dessert, and try to eat less in the previous meal or in the following. Can’t you? Get back to good habits the next day.
  9. You can’t lose weight without moving : exercising allows you to lose weight and get a beautiful body. Without the risk of depleting lean mass and appearing drained.
  10. Diet must be the beginning of a new and different diet. You will never go back to eating as before. You will eat healthier. If you disagree, don’t waste time: avoid the diet.

Here is how we can lose weight properly in 6 weeks by applying these principles.

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