Prevention at the table, is there a long life elixir?

Prevention at the table, is there a long life elixir?

We put health, well-being and prevention on the table: Anna Villarini, Nutritionist Biologist at the Cancer Institute of Milan, explains what are the bases of a healthy and balanced diet.

Is there a long life elixir?

The elixirs of long life do not exist, explains Anna Villarini. But we have two arrows at our bow, two great secrets of a healthy life .

The first is the Mediterranean diet , which – according to research – is the absolute best for health. The second is moderate physical activity , as long as it is a daily habit and not an exception reserved for the weekend. 

What foods are the basis of the Mediterranean diet?

The beauty of the Mediterranean diet is that it is a rich and varied diet . We have to imagine it as a pyramid , the base of which is made up of whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

How can we choose the best quality cereals ? What role do foods of animal origin play ? In our video interview, Anna Villarini answers all these questions. 

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