Peruvian maca: the adaptogenic tonic

Peruvian maca: the adaptogenic tonic

Peruvian maca is a supplement capable of giving energy and adapting the body’s response to external stressful stimuli. It is mainly used to cope with peaks of physical and mental stress.

Peruvian maca: the adaptogenic tonic

Peruvian maca: what it is

The Peruvian Maca is a plant found mainly in the highlands of the Andes , from whose dried roots a food supplement with tonic and adaptogenic properties is obtained .

The main characteristic of Maca is that of supplying energy to the body: in conditions of stress and physical overwork, maca interacts with the production of some hormones capable of ” adapting ” the physical response to external conditions.

This is why it is one of the adaptogenic food supplements par excellence.

Maca is commercially available in the form of powder and capsules .

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Peruvian maca as an adaptogen tonic

An ” adaptogen ” is defined as any substance capable of adapting the body to the various external conditions in which it finds itself. The body responds to external solicitations by triggering certain hormonal mechanisms, producing certain substances capable of maintaining internal homeostasis and producing adequate responses to the stimuli to which it is subjected.

Stress is not triggered in every body in the same way: the trigger threshold of a state of stress is personal and different from individual to individual.

Maca adapts its action to the personal constitution of each , and the personal response of the body to the specific situation, making the body able to respond to the stimulus in the most useful and efficient way.

The hormonal system is largely responsible for physical and mental resistance to stress: the main hormone deriving from what is perceived, on a personal level, as a sensory and physical overload is cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands.

Maca does not contain hormones , but allows to balance the production of cortisol and other hormones that produce well-being and a prompt response to stressful stimuli.

The characteristics of Maca are the following:

> Acts on hormonal balance , with benefits both physically and mentally;

> it is a hormonal adaptogenic tonic , especially in case of stress, it modulates the production of cortisol and the consequent adrenal overload;

> it is a natural aphrodisiac ;

> it is useful for women’s health , acting on hormones both in fertile periods, with positive results on premenstrual syndromes, and in the period of menopause, alleviating the symptoms;

> increases physical performance and recovery after periods of overwork , both thanks to its nutrient content and adaptogenic function;

> increases the immune system and physical endurance in general;

> regulates the metabolism ;

> it is a tonic , useful in case of depression and fatigue;

> it is a natural antioxidant capable of counteracting physical and mental aging and helping the disposal of cellular oxidation products ;

> improves sports performance , and accelerates the recovery of normal physiological conditions after excessive effort;

> contains a fair amount of minerals such as zinc and magnesium and all essential amino acids, as well as vegetable proteins;

> increases memory and concentration .

The quantity of minerals, flavonoids and amino acids contained in Maca makes it a beneficial adaptogen tonic from every point of view: physical and mental.


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