In the last period, the revelation of the final price for Oculus Rift, the famous tool for reality …

In the last period, the revelation of the final price for Oculus Rift, the famous virtual reality tool arriving in these first months of 2016, which will come at a not really “cheap” price, has aroused several different opinions, although it is a tool with interesting possibilities.


In this regard, a possible launch price of the other device for VR will certainly flashed in the head. We obviously speak of the latest discovery in terms of Sony research and development, or the PlayStation VR Project Morpheus.

Therefore, the opinion of Michael Pachter, the famous analyst in the world of videogames, could not be missing:

“I think Morpheus (PlayStation VR) will most likely cost $ 400. It will be difficult, if you look at the headset and the technology inside it. I think it will be difficult to sell it for less than $ 300. It is only possible if they plan to create several. “

The Pachter then continued the speech by focusing on the starting advantages that Sony has compared to the Oculus VR:

“A lot of people don’t have a really high-end PC, so I think PS4 has a big advantage. Sony has an installed base, according to November data, of thirty million consoles, so I think it is aiming to sell 10 million headsets. I doubt that this will be achieved in the first year, there probably won’t be a lot of content designed for virtual reality. But I believe they will succeed later ”.

The PlayStation VR will be released during the first half of 2016 , almost in the same period as Oculus Rift, with a price that will settle on 600 euros. Are you waiting for the release of this new technology? Or stick to the classic TV + pad / Mouse & keyboard?

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