Organic Apulian extra virgin olive oil

Organic Apulian extra virgin olive oil

Organic Apulian extra virgin olive oil the best there is

One of the reasons why I like to do this job is to have to deal, sooner or later, always with excellent raw materials, which allow us to eat better, lose more weight and have great respect for the well-being of our body. and consequently of our mind, as the Latins already knew.

Today I want to talk to you about organic Apulian extra virgin olive oil whose properties represent the best there is when it comes to health and well-being.

Organic oil is considered to be that obtained with olives from organic cultivation, therefore natural and without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

To obtain organic certification, a product, in this case oil, must be followed in all phases, from cultivation, to pressing, to packaging.

Properties of organic EVO olive oil

First of all we have to get out of our minds that unhealthy idea, which in the past years had been instilled in us by an erroneous propaganda, that oil must be as neutral as possible to be good. This is certainly a legacy of years of industrial oil, without a soul. The oil must have a strong color and on the flavor it goes without saying that everyone has their own tastes but that it can be more fruity, more bitter, more spicy.

And even the age of the oil can be chosen previously, based on tastes, there are those who prefer a fresh oil and those who prefer a more aged oil, made with more mature olives

I can, however, tell you that a more bitter and spicier oil is richer in polyphenols, so it is very good for our health!
On the other hand, Homer used to speak of oil as liquid gold. Especially in antiquity, but even now, oil was used for everything from body hygiene to hair, to massages to recover soldiers from trauma, to clean wounds, clean the intestines.

Nowadays it has been concluded that a good oil does not have bad fats in it and that it can greatly help our metabolism, with excellent digestibility and with an equally good intestinal activity

Above all, oil is an extraordinary antioxidant, so it manages to slow down the aging of cells and consequently ours, by stopping excess free radicals.

We have known, moreover, for some time that diets, such as the Mediterranean one, in which extra virgin olive oil is used, are the most balanced and with which you are better in health.


We must never, ever think that oil can be harmful to our health. The real harmful oil is the industrial oil, tasteless, which for years we have been told was the light one. The real oil has color and flavor, indeed the more bitter it is, the more it is good for you.

Like this organic Apulian extra virgin olive oil, which is followed all the way from cultivation to packaging, the real liquid gold to say it in the manner of the ancient Greeks, the true friend of well-being and of our health diet.

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