On a diet for the summer according to a scientist

On a diet for the summer according to a scientist

How to go on a diet for the summer, trying to lose weight in a simple and intuitive way, without specific diets and fixed meals? The recipe for well-being and moderate nutrition that allows us to lose weight for the costume test comes from dr. Miguel Toribio-Mateas , London-based neuroscientist and nutrition specialist.

Which explains in a simple way how to go on a diet for the summer by modifying the diet in a way that is functional to weight loss. A few simple rules that we can put into practice immediately to get back in shape. Let’s see them together.


  1. Always start your lunch and dinner meal with raw or cooked vegetables.
    It can be a plate of salad, a plate of cruditès (fennel, carrots, cucumbers, radishes in pinzimonio) or a plate of steamed vegetables. In this way you help your intestine, nourish the good bacterial flora, regulate blood sugar, but above all introduce useful fibers that will allow you to absorb less fats and sugars in the following courses. Plus, you’ll be able to fill up sooner.
  2. Schedule only 6 meals a week of pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes or bread.
    Allow yourself a maximum of six meals a week (including breakfast!) In which to eat a cake, a pizza, a plate of pasta or rice or bread. Choose whole resources for more fiber and a greater sense of satiety.
  3. Instead of carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice, or grains, opt for legumes or lean proteins in the remaining meals. Have lunch on a vegetable or chicken salad and forgo bread and potatoes in the remaining meals. In the rest of the meals you can freely eat vegetables, meat, fish, skimmed cheeses and dairy products, eggs. Fruit in snacks at least twice a day.
  4. Avoid excess sauces and seasonings aside from a drizzle of olive or coconut oil.
    If you want to go on a diet for the summer, opt for foods cooked in the simplest way possible, for example steamed, grilled, in foil or in the oven. Focus on aromatic herbs, spices and light condiments like gomasio, but avoid sauces and other additions that are too rich and elaborate to your dishes.

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