Olive oil on the skin – here’s what happens

Olive oil on the skin – here’s what happens

Olive oil on the skin - here's what happens

Is olive oil good for the skin?

Impossible not to say yes, extra virgin olive oil, especially the good ones such as the oil produced by  Frantoio San Martino , is a nectar of the gods, a magical drink, a completely natural liquid that allows you to cure many ailments, both internal than external in the person.

The many characteristics of the oil are fantastic: emollient on the skin , protective because it manages to form a thicker surface layer, conditioning, antioxidant, then fights free radicals, elasticizing, healing, improves water retention, is a real cure-all, so.

And of course it is a fundamental part of the Mediterranean Diet .

At this point I ask you: do you know how much good oil can do on the skin?

No? So now in a short vademecum I will explain the characteristics and properties of an olive oil massage .

Olive oil on the skin? Of course yes

Olive oil on the skin?

Perfectly natural, rich in nutrients, highly prized for its effects on the skin .

However, there are those who turn up their noses: yes, olive oil is good, too bad for the fact that it leaves the skin greasy.

Which is true, eh, if the oil is not good and if we don’t use some little tricks.

First let’s take a step back: it is much better to use olive oil, because it is completely natural, rather than using aesthetic chemicals which are terrible from a compositional point of view, artificial and harmful.

Much better then to use olive oil, if anything mitigated with water, as in an emulsion. If you want to try to use absolute olive oil instead, it would be good to massage yourself, still wet, after a shower. The presence of water will ensure that the oil is absorbed faster, leaving the skin beautiful and not greasy.

What is an oil massage on the skin for?

  • strengthens the most fragile skin areas such as the neck, back of the hand, inner arms
  • nourishes the areas that are subjected to frequent hair removal
  • softens hard parts like elbows, heels and knees
  • it also greatly cushions stretch marks, having a strong elasticizing effect

You can also think of adding olive oil to your favorite body cream or lotion, so that, for example, too light creams are enriched.

If it remains, excess grease can be removed with a little rice starch.

The most practical example, however, that I can give you is precisely to use olive oil before a shower: 5-10 minutes before washing, sprinkle yourself with oil abundantly. A part will be absorbed before the cleansing action of the water which will then eliminate the excess grease.


Olive oil, the good one, is a magical serum, rich as it is in nutrients and extraordinary actions for our body.

On the skin it has a number of extraordinary beneficial effects that allow us to choose the oil as our favorite emollient.

Via creams and lotions of questionable origin and the horrid chemical components. Here we are talking about a great natural product that helps the skin feel better.

And this makes everything really wonderful, just lose 10 minutes before the shower to find a completely regenerated skin, with a glance that notices the difference after a few days.

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