Obesity: why the diet doesn’t work

Obesity: why the diet doesn’t work

Overweight or obese women who are ridiculed by doctors , pushed to diet without real help, without useful professional advice and above all without free hospital programs. People who diet at 600, 700 calories a day, compromising their health and without losing a pound .
Possible? More than possible, now a certainty for years. Why the diet doesn’t work. Not alone, at least.

In an article that is causing debate around the world, the Huffington Post denounces a sick system , in which the diet does not work despite the rampant obesity. What if dieting isn’t the solution to the rising obesity rate? What if, after all, cutting calories did more harm than good?

This is what reporter Michael Hobbes writes, analyzing the studies on obesity that the press and public opinion continue to ignore , leaving obese people at the mercy of body-shaming, bullying, a life made of continuous sacrifices to chase the dream of thinness. And the diet doesn’t work. Americans, for example, are eating less than they used to be, yet they are even fatter than they were 4 years ago.

In the article “ Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong ,” Hobbes denounces the paradoxes of a system that condemns obese people and ridicules them , although many of these people are in even better health than many thin ones. Here I summarize the salient points with the reasons why, scientific data in hand, the diet does not work as a cure for obesity.


1) Since 1990, the number of people expressing concern about their weight has increased. Including girls, who already talk about it at the age of 3/6, according to an analysis conducted by the University of Florida.

2) According to an analysis by the American Journal of Public Health , only 0.08% of obese women achieve a normal weight.

3) Since 1959, some research has shown that 95 to 98% of people who go on a diet do not achieve lasting weight loss results.


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