Nvidia finally releases the GeForce Experience 3.0 the new version of the GPU where everything has been created to be simpler and simpler, but …

Nvidia finally releases the GeForce Experience 3.0 the new version of the GPU where everything has been created to be simpler and easier, but above all to make our gameplay experience on PC much more tempting and fun.nvidia geforce experienceThe most important and innovative features of the new GeForce Experience 3.0 are:

Speed ​​and simplicity -> the GFE 3.0 has been designed to be lighter and faster than its previous version so you can optimize your gaming performance much faster and simplify your updates .

Game-Ready Drivere -> the drivers of this GFE have improved a lot and will be optimized according to the various titles we will play; to do this we just need a simple “click”.

Game settings -> our GPU settings will be optimized based on our preferred configuration; in fact it is able to analyze our CPU, GPU and display so that it can modify them automatically to guarantee us a better performance of our game.

Game Sharing -> GFE 3.0 allows us to share our gaming experiences, as well as the live stream will become quick and easy.

In order to download this brand new version we leave you the link of the Nvidia site  so that everyone can use it and always be in step with the times. What do you think of this news from Nvidia ? Will you download it?

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