Now virtual reality is increasingly close to its large-scale debut, even Facebook recently has moved in this direction, how can we …

Virtual reality is now increasingly close to its large-scale debut, even Facebook has recently moved in this direction, as is expected from Zuckenberg in these cases. Nvidia, the world leader in graphics cards and high-end hardware, also wanted to speak on this topic.


In a video, appropriately subtitled in Italian, Nvidia’s Jason Paul introduces us to Gameworks VR, an SDK for videogames developers that should help create titles compatible with this technology.┬áIn particular, it appears that this Gameworks VR takes care of the technical side of producing a game.

Whether it is to apply more than one shader, to choose in which order to render the environment or the priority that bodies have in space (through the distances perceived by the user), the library developed by Nvidia offers 5 features that offer such as vade mecum for those who want to start developing games of this type.

We leave you to the video, reminding you that any information on virtual reality, you can find it on our site and discuss it freely with us!

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