RTFKT Studio and NZXT will create sneaker-mounted PCs, powered by custom Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080s around the shoe.

One of the most coveted items by all gamers and gaming enthusiasts released during 2020, in addition to the obvious latest generation consoles, were certainly the latest generation graphics cards Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 , officially released last September and that they literally sold like hot cakes within a few hours , so much so that they had to force the same production house to confirm that for a few months after the launch there will be problems with the distribution of these new GPUs . Among the lucky ones who managed to get one or even more, certainly among the most creative and crazy were the guys from RTFKT Studio, a company that creates collectible sneakers for the best figures in the gaming and e-sports landscape, which with the help of NZXT computer components and accessories manufacturers have created shoe-shaped PCs .

The sneakers in question were initially shown with a short video on Twitter posted by the RTFKT guys, also visible at the bottom of the news, as a sort of joke against the NZXT producers complete with a caption that reads “ Sneaker Master Race! “. However, apparently, things are more real than we could have expected and in fact in the last few hours the collaboration between the two companies has been confirmed that will create these upgraded shoe-shaped limited edition PCs (or PC-shaped shoes?) from special Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 customized and mounted around the shoe .

Obviously, as expected, these products cannot be worn and will simply be small and extremely expensive computers that you can display in your collection. This collaboration between RTFKT and NZXT, according to the footwear manufacturers, will be ” the first step of our creative community towards the future of fashion and collectibles, giving strength to our visions and our crazy ideas thanks to their skills in their sector and the great passion for video games. 

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