Neem oil: the natural anti-flea for our animals

Neem oil: the natural anti-flea for our animals

In India, where the plant grows wild, sparrows add neem leaves to their nests to protect them from parasitic infestations. This insecticidal property has been confirmed by scientific research and is now used on animals against parasites

Neem oil: the natural anti-flea for our animals

For animals, neem oil is one of the most effective natural anti-parasitic remedies , especially against fleas , ticks and mosquitoes , which cause leishmaniasis in dogs. Furthermore, it has been discovered that neem oil acts as a completely ecological pesticide for plants , so much so that it can be used in organic farming. 

The chemical pesticides currently on the market can be dangerous for the health of our animals, for this reason the use of those formulated with natural substances is beginning to take hold, as they decrease the risk of sensitization reactions , allergies or toxicity .

The use of neem oil is even more valid if we consider that these organisms often , over time, develop resistance to synthetic insecticides, used in industrial products. 

Also for man it is a effective repellent against scalp parasites (such as lice ) and scabies mites and against insect bites , especially in summer against mosquitoes .

In fact, in this period, our four-legged friends are more prone to infestations and bites. Neem oil is an effective pesticide , able to prevent (keep possible parasites away), and to eliminate the parasites present and stop their reproduction .

Therefore, after having well controlled the animal, one can use the neem oil directly on the fur, or impregnate the collar; or it can be used to prepare lotions to be sprayed and spread on the body or in the environment. 


What is Neem Oil

Neem oil , whose popular name, in ancient times, was given in India in honor of the goddess Neemari , is a vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Azadirachta Indica , belonging to the Meliacee family; and now known all over the world for its extraordinary properties and its multiple applications. 

In the seeds there is the greatest variety and concentration of active ingredients, able to fight not only insects and parasites , but also viruses , bacteria and fungi . Furthermore, like all vegetative oils, neem oil has moisturizing , emollient, regenerating and restructuring properties for the tissues and therefore is effective on the most common human and animal skin diseases .

For veterinary use , in fact, in addition to being decisive on stings or bites of insects and parasites; it is an effective soothing and healing remedy remedy even in case of bites and scratches from other animals. 


Essential oils for animals, here are what they are and what to use them for


Neem oil for animals

The National Research Council defines neem oil as follows: ” A non-toxic remedy for humans, plants and animals, a millenary natural insecticide that has begun to be used by us too, proving effective in the fight against mosquitoes, both as a larvicide , (Ricerca Mariani – D’Andrea – ENEA), and as a repellent , because insects cannot bear its smell “.

So neem oil is not only an excellent natural pesticide , without any type of chemical additive, but it is the absolute best repellent against sand flies, sand flies and mosquitoes , responsible for lesmaniasis in dogs.

As for the other types of parasites, neem oil is the natural phytotherapeutic product against flea infestations , because it is capable of exterminating not only the adult stage , but also the eggs and larvae . When rubbed on the fur of cats and dogs, it creates a barrier effect on the animal’s fur and at the same time soothes , flames and purifies the skin irritated by stings or insect bites . 


The use of neem oil to prepare a natural anti-flea 

Below we leave you some tips for applying neem oil for animals:

  • flea collar : suitable as a remedy for both dogs and cats can be made by dipping a string of cloth in neem oil, to obtain a homemade collar.
  • Pure neem oil : it can also be applied with 2-3 drops directly on the coat of the dog or cat. To avoid the presence of mosquitoes, it is advisable to pour  a few drops of neem oil  into  the stagnant waters  of saucers, flower pots, gutters, small non-covering deposits, etc., to prevent mosquito larvae, sand flies and sand flies from developing. 
  • Lotion : it can be used for the preparation of spray lotions to be sprayed on our animal. A few drops of neem oil, diluted in warm water, in order to obtain a completely natural product to be sprayed even in the rooms of the house or on cushions , blankets and carpets, before cleaning or washing them, in order to keep insects and insects away. parasites of our beloved friends.

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