Natural Horoscope November 2020

Natural Horoscope November 2020

The November 2020 horoscope according to the astrological calendar, from 23 October to 22 November: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for November 2020  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and reading and music tips.

General overview of the November horoscope

November is super busy month! There are many planets that resume direct motion:  Mercury  day 4,  Mars  day 13,  Neptune  day 29. The only planet that remains in a retrograde position is  Uranus .

A real liberating energy that awaits us, which we will certainly perceive in a much stronger and tangible way next month, when  Jupiter  and  Saturn  enter Aquarius,  but which will not go unnoticed this month either. The first sign of this centrifugal movement could be a feeling of  inner freedom , combined with  lightness.  But what exactly is the difference between  direct and retrograde planets ?

The planets in their  retrograde motion  want us to acquire greater awareness and information useful for our personal growth. A process of reflection and assimilation that is not always easy to live, because it forces us to confront the effects of some of our choices. For this reason, during the retrogradation, one feels the need to be more collected: the  focus is directed  towards one’s internal processes, rather than external ones.

This does not mean that when the planets are retrograde life stops and suddenly everything starts moving when they become direct. It just means that sincea certain process of awareness has ended (retrograde), one is ready to acquire new experiences (direct) which then again will have to be better assimilated and understood when the planets become retrograde again. A kind of  virtuous circle  that allows us to learn from a lower level to an ever higher one.

Hence , November “reopens the dance” , opportunities, novelties and opportunities are on the way that change the cards on the table. To give the “the” is  Mercury that day 4 becomes directed by the sign of Libra. A project that had to be perfected is ready to go, that long-awaited communication finally arrives. Solutions can be found that previously seemed difficult.

November horoscope for Aries

How many changes have you had to go through lately, dear Aries! Changes that in some cases were desired, in others imposed, but which in any case forced you to change some aspects of reality, to abandon some personal beliefs …
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November horoscope for Taurus

The theme of change, in 2020, also concerned you, who, urged by multiple transits, (for the most part positive), have lived a year full of surprises and twists. Changes in life, work,  status  (from single to happily in couple …
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November horoscope for Gemini

It is a much easier sky in November than in October. Venus and Mercury in Libra, the sign you are in tune with, make you much more sociable and relaxed in your personal relationships. If last month, your attention was …
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November horoscope for Cancer

There is a slight tension that accompanies you in this month of November. Both slow and fast planets are in a position that is a little too stimulating for your sign. There could be employment relationships on the scales or …
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November horoscope for Leo

You arrive in November a little tired. The retrogradation of Mercury into Scorpio has created a bit of a wave in your closest relationships, especially family ones. A series of  confrontations / confrontations , with partners, parents, children, could have stressed you out …
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November horoscope for Virgo

More and more aware of your desires, your needs, and what you can do, you begin November with a very strong desire: to put the past behind you and to live your life in a full and fulfilling way. There are many news …
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November horoscope for Libra

The time has come for action  With Mars resuming direct motion on the 13th, a series of doubts, perplexities and emotional blocks are dissolved. Slowly the desire to do, to dare, to believe reappears within you …
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November horoscope for Scorpio

Happy birthday Scorpio! November is a special month, and not only because the Sun is in Scorpio, but because Mercury (from day 10) and Venus (from day 21) will also enter your sign. There are many reasons to celebrate …
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November horoscope for Sagittarius

Beautiful this month of November, which opens with the arrival of Venus in sextile to the Sun. A fast but useful transit, which will help you to take life with a little  lightness , especially if you have experienced emotional turbulence between September and October…
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November horoscope for Capricorn

November is divided into two parts. The first part is quite fluctuating, both in terms of mood and results. The second is much better and sees you climbing the slope at great speed. For this reason, to those who find themselves at the beginning of the month …
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November horoscope for Aquarius

With Venus and Mercury supporting you with a nice Libra trine, November begins with an edge. The two planets will help to make your relationships, understanding with others, easier and more immediate. It is a period of. …
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November horoscope for Pisces

Fabulous November, with a lot of stars in your favor, starting from Mercury that day 10 will return to Scorpio, a transit that will favor you both in the emotional and working fields. Furthermore, the planet will form an encouraging sextile with the planets …
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