Natural Horoscope May 2020

Natural Horoscope May 2020

The horoscope of May 2020 according to the astrological calendar, from April 21 to May 20: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The April 2020 horoscope is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, herbal and dietary advice, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and reading and music advice.


General overview of the horoscope for May

May is a month full of hope . It has been a month that opens with a great desire to go out to meet life, nature, others. There is a desire to run, jump, dance, socialize. For the moment all these things seem distant, but already on day 12, when Mercury enters the sign of Gemini, they will begin to seem closer and closer. The planet is at ease in this sign, it is bright, energetic, charismatic.


Mercury in Gemini will (finally) insert a note of cheerfulness, lightheartedness, lightness in thoughts, in our daily life. The desire to get involved, to socialize, to show oneself and want to appear fascinating in the eyes of others will be particularly emphasized, because the planet on its journey will join Venus , the planet of love and relationships. A union that will make us perceive an easier and more spontaneous relationship with fun, with a deep well-being.


The desire to flirt and have fun is reborn , which certainly does not hurt after such a complex period. In the context of relationships, the conjunction between Venus and Mercury will prove important to receive a clarification, an explanation, or deal with a situation from the past, probably unresolved. But it is not certain that we will be able to unravel the tangle of the skein immediately.


Venus on day 13 begins its retrograde motion, colliding with Neptune, the planet of illusions. At the same time as Venus goes retrograde, Mars enters the sensitive and romantic sign of Pisces . A type of “Neptunian” energy, which will make it difficult to find those satisfactions of love that are sought, something that will more closely relate to the moving signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) or to people who have an important signature of these signs, in their own natal chart.


On the one hand Venus in Gemini who does not want to commit too much , looking for mental stimuli, lightness, new experiences, on the other Mars and Neptune in Pisces who are looking for tenderness, romance, emotional closeness or who in many cases seek help, and require sacrifices . Venus seeks a type of pleasure and well-being that she cannot find because Neptune solicits her with requests that can weigh down, tire, not be in line with her needs.


May 2020 horoscope for Aries

May starts well. Strengthened by the support of Mars and Venus , both in good aspect to your Sun, you have charm, resourcefulness and combativeness on your side. All qualities that can make a difference, at a time like this when it is important to stay active and positive. Even if many situations are still in a running-in phase …
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May 2020 horoscope for Taurus

There are many Taurus who have seen the lockdown as an opportunity to spend more time with their family and rediscover the joy of slowness. The sign of Taurus loves slow and calm rhythms , those that in hindsight help us to truly savor and enjoy what surrounds us. In April, however, you may have experienced some small ups and downs …
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May 2020 horoscope for Gemini

May is divided into two parts. The first part shows you a reassuring face both from an energetic and relational point of view, the second, on the other hand, is more chaotic, confused, tiring. Let’s see why. Venus is in your sign, Mars is in Aquarius, both in good aspect to each other, as well as to your Sun. A positive transit that sees you active …
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May 2020 horoscope for Cancer

You are deeply attached to your family. If you have been through the lockdown in solitude, not being able to see your parents, brothers / sisters, or your partner (for those in a long-distance relationship) has inevitably created a bit of sadness within you . If, on the other hand, you have experienced isolation together with your loved ones, the situation …
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May 2020 horoscope for Leo

The month of April was a bit tiring. With Mars in opposition and Uranus in quadrature, for many Leo, isolation, too much work, or on the contrary, the stoppage of work can have given rise to a bit of stress, nervousness and impatience. Not only that: relationships may also have been a cause for agitation. A more controversial, quarrelsome partner …
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May 2020 horoscope for Virgo

From an astrological point of view there is no lack of astral supports. Whether you are in the first, second or third decade you have a sponsor behind you. The first decade has Uranus , the second (alternately) Jupiter , the third Jupiter and Pluto and from July again Saturn. This means that even if this new year has started in a complicated way …
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May 2020 horoscope for Libra

Start well May. Perhaps because from day 4, the grip on millions of home-bound citizens should loosen. And knowing that already can only bring back some hope, confidence in the future, even if the time needed for a real recovery is obviously longer. For you of Libra , the support of Mars proved invaluable in April …
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May 2020 horoscope for Scorpio

It cannot be said that April was a very easy month . The quadrature of Mars has seen you rather tired, nervous, intolerant. Not for the whole month of course, but in turn every decade, she may have experienced some tiring moments. It is therefore likely that the isolation and limitations imposed in the long run have weighed on you …

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May 2020 horoscope for Sagittarius

2020 for you Sagittarius is proving quite turbulent, but all this turmoil could be in the service of something bigger, something that could manifest during the summer period, the most favorable time of the year for your sign. But for the moment you still have to deal with energies that only to a small extent …
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May 2020 horoscope for Capricorn

How has Capricorn managed his time and his life in this period of limitations, of temporary stop of relationships and activities? Probably better than all the other signs. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of duty and responsibility, those born under this sign are used to the sense of deprivation. If it is true that Saturn in Capricorn this year …
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May 2020 horoscope for Aquarius

May opens with a flourish! Venus in Gemini and Mars in the sign continue to support your sign by infusing you with charisma, sensuality, sympathy. With the two planets in good aspect you will therefore be in splendid shape, not only physical but also emotional. And who knows if all this is not also a reflection of the end of the lockdown scheduled for 4 May …
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May 2020 horoscope for Pisces

Compared to the previous year, some of your goals, priorities and relationships have changed. Or rather, it is you who have changed , who have changed your skin. The crisis that has hit our country has inevitably led all of us to observe the events and situations of our lives on a different level, and in many cases to restore the order of our priorities …

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