Natural Horoscope July 2021

Natural Horoscope July 2021

The horoscope of July 2021 according to the astrological calendar, from June 22 to July 22: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for July 2021  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month,  tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and advice on reading and music.

General overview of the horoscope for July

The energy of July is still a bit conflicting . The protagonist of the scene continues to be Mars , which is in open conflict with Saturn and Uranus .

Everything that began between the end of April and the beginning of June, when Mars was in Cancer, continues to be carried forward by Mars in Leo , with an energetic attitude that, unfortunately, tends to be rather conflictual, not very cooperative.

But let’s take a step back. The last aspect that Mars in Cancerdid between late May and early June, was the opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. Which means that the actions we took during that time tend to be “fixed” by Mars in Leo. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and like all other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn) it starts the seasons, things. Mars in astrology represents our mode of action , the way in which we “attack” problems.

The opposition between Mars and Pluto tends to be very insidious and if not consciously managed it can cause resentment, anger, hostility. In the worst case, this aspect can make you violent when you are angry, wreaking havoc in personal relationships .

We are talking about a difficult aspect that was affected above all by Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn of the third decade , those born of Scorpio and those who have in their natal chart a square or opposition between Mars and Pluto.

The entry of Mars into Leo , which took place on June 11, speaks of a type of energy that is more assertive than that of Mars in Cancer, but also more self-centered, which does not hesitate to fight for its rights.

The problem is that colliding with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius , both fixed signs, it will not be so easy to bring reason to one’s side, because the other parties will also have something to say. Moreover, Saturn represents the law and the sense of limit. The feeling of being limited in one’s action and not getting the desired result can give rise to moments of tension and frustration.

July horoscope for Aries

July opens in beauty , in a pleasant and creative way, in the company of the  right people , those who make you feel good, who charge you with positive energy. Supported by the couple Venus Mars, you start the summer season with a force…

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July horoscope for Taurus

Dominating the scene of your personal sky continues to be Uranus,  a brilliant, innovative, rebellious planet, which this month advances by one degree, while Saturn continues to recede from the sign of Aquarius. Clash between innovation…

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July horoscope for Gemini

July promises to be a gritty , exciting, eventful month. Thanks to the double conjunction of  Venus  and  Mars , a transit that will give you enthusiasm, energy, desire to do and to dare. Thanks to the support of the two planets you will be full…

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July horoscope for Cancer

With  Jupiter  in trine to the Sun, transit started in May, the general feeling was that of lightness. The possibility of reopening yourself to the world and to socializing has certainly affected your mood and emotional well-being …

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July horoscope for Leo

With Venus and Mars in the sign, July begins at high speed . A speed that in some cases must be resized given that the two planets, during the first week of the month, will continue to be in open conflict with Saturn and Uranus …

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July horoscope for Virgo

Ups and downs. The month of July is still characterized by a succession of commitments and responsibilities that must be honored, which require presence, patience and concentration, but which risk tiring mind and body …

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July horoscope for Libra

Few planets against this month and several friendly ones, starting with Venus and Mars in Leo who protect your sign by guaranteeing you charm, safety, energy . So start the month of July with an extra gear, because strength…

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July horoscope for Scorpio

July starts with some ups and downs, due to the opposition of Mars in Leo , a sign that according to the scheme of the zodiac is in open contrast with yours. Let’s talk about a rather tiring transit…

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July horoscope for Sagittarius

July is a positive month , much better than the one just passed. June was a variable month from the point of view of thoughts, moods and emotions. It is likely that a series of relational problems…

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July horoscope for Capricorn

This particular month of July . Particularly  because the energies involved do not allow us to classify everything in terms of black and white, beautiful or ugly, positive or negative. They do not allow it in general, let alone in a generic horoscope …

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July horoscope for Aquarius

It starts a little subdued this July . Work commitments, some emotional or family opposition, associated with a not exactly brilliant physical shape, make the first two weeks of the month a bit tiring. The responsible planets …

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July horoscope for Pisces

The month of July first of all represents the end of the square of Mercury,  and this is already good news. Thus comes to an end a period marked by mental fatigue, setbacks, program changes, delays, which characterized…

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