Natural Horoscope for August

Natural Horoscope for August

The horoscope of August 2021 according to the astrological calendar, from 23 July to 22 August: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for August 2021  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month,  tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and advice on reading and music.

General overview of the August horoscope

August is a month strongly marked by the energy of the earth . Mars runs through the sign of Virgo for the whole month, Venus will remain in Virgo until August 15th , while Mercury will pass into the sign of Virgo on the 12th . Uranus and Pluto , the former are found in Taurus , the latter in Capricorn (both earth signs). Rationality prevails over instinct. Something that we will all notice a little, regardless of the zodiac sign they belong to.

In the wake of these new energies we will be led to observe and analyze situations with greater detachment and discernment, a sort of “cost and benefit analysis” that can also be applied to our relationships. “ What benefits does this situation bring me? Is it useful to me? Is it good for me? Does it allow me to improve ? ” These are the questions that the planets in Virgo ask us, a sign that tends to evaluate, judge, separate, catalog, all according to an ideal of perfection and improvement.

If it is true that striving for perfection is important (because the ideal of perfection can make us achieve excellence), it is also true that an “excess” of perfection can turn into a hypercritical attitude, which can be accompanied by anxiety, unproductive inactivity (this is not done well, this is too much, too little, it takes more time, less time …) and this is something that must be taken into account. The shadow side of Virgo is given by the excess of criticism and perfectionism , with the risk of always finding a nit, and focusing attention on what doesn’t work, rather than on what works.

Trying to use the energy of the August sky in a constructive way means mainly striving for improvement , and therefore, where necessary, learning to better organize one’s time, discarding all that is illogical, capricious and not based on solid and rigorous foundations.Mars will push us to use energy constructively, without unnecessary waste, finding an effective way to deal with problems.

Among other things , the energy of Mars will tend to work much better than in recent months . In fact, at the beginning of its journey, the planet will form a trine with Uranus and will close with a trine with Pluto, indicating that many of the change initiatives will be successful. Without forgetting the transit of Mercury in Virgo, who being in his home will give us great clarity of thought .

August horoscope for Aries

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August horoscope for Taurus

Here is a really strong month! Many planets in your favor: Mars, Venus (your guiding planet) and from day 12 also Mercury, indicating that August will be a much easier month than  June and July,  months in which you had to navigate …

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August horoscope for Gemini

Truth be told, August is not a month for fireworks. Due to the planets in Virgo, you will be confronted with some conflicting energies , which require some patience. There is certainly on your part the need to want to do, to fix …

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August horoscope for Cancer

With Mars, Venus and Mercury supporting you with a nice Virgo sextile , August starts with an edge. The three planets will contribute to making your relationships, understanding with others, easier and more immediate. It’s a time of turmoil …

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August horoscope for Leo

With Mercury in the sign, until day 12, the first fortnight of August, promises to be intense, fun , stimulating. Sometimes a little too stimulating! Due to the squaring of Mercury and Uranus some people and situations may …

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August horoscope for Virgo

The month of August is very strong, with three planets in your sign (Mercury, Venus and Mars) that  will guarantee an effective and promising flow of energy,  in line with the characteristics of your sign. In fact, June and July were …

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August horoscope for Libra

The key word for this beginning of August must be one:  rest.  The  stellium  of the planets in the twelfth house could make you a little more listless, less prone to commitment. There is a desire to do what you want, without being too constrained …

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August horoscope for Scorpio

It must be admitted that  June and July were not particularly brilliant months . The squaring of the planets in Leo did not make it easy to manage some situations, professional or emotional, making you more impatient and nervous. A new job …

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August horoscope for Sagittarius

August, what an effort! The square of Venus and Mars , and from day 12 of Mercury, describes a sky of  commitment and responsibility  which, in some cases, could be a cause for nervousness. There are many Sagittarius who will be grappling with tests …

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August horoscope for Capricorn

Fabulous August , with a lot of stars in your favor: Venus, Mars, Mercury all in splendid trine aspect to the Sun. August is the ideal month to leave, to enjoy some well-deserved rest, to meet new people, or review those …

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August horoscope for Aquarius

You arrive in August a little tired , weighed down, with a lot of need for  rest .  June and July,  unfortunately, were two months that were a bit controversial and complicated. The opposition of the planets in Leo has given rise to a rather unstable climate. …

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August horoscope for Pisces

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