Natural Horoscope April 2019

Natural Horoscope April 2019

The horoscope of April 2019 according to the astrological calendar, from March 21 to April 20: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The April 2019 horoscope is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, herbal and dietary advice, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and reading and musical advice. 


Overview of the April horoscope

The April sky speaks in large letters of love , a love without conditions or division, free from the barriers of logic and rationality. 


This is what Venus is talking about, which until day 17 will pass through Pisces, the sign in which it is in exaltation. The best way to tune into the energy of the planet is to let yourself go to the feeling , fearlessly indulging the needs of the heart. 


For the signs of water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) there will be a need for greater tenderness, confirmations, emotional closeness. In reality, all of us will be a little more sensitive to the call of love , a love that does not only concern passionate love, but also that towards the most needy people. 


On March 22, Venus will join Neptune and falling in love is no longer physical and passionate , but must necessarily involve the imagination and its unconscious. 


These are days in which we will feel the need for something more , and we will be moved by the search for the extraordinary . Which is not easy given that on day 16 Venus will collide with Jupiter in Sagittarius. 


When the two planets are in collision we can witness betrayals, secret loves, or unrequited. These are days in which one must be cautious in relationships to avoid suspicion, deceit, lies and scandals. 


This is especially true for sexual relationships, because one could feel strongly attracted to someone, to the point of not seeing their defects. Keep in mind that Venus in Pisces tends to fall madly in love , but often with the wrong person!


The mobile signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) will have to be careful in the sentimental sphere not to project themselves into dreams of love, which could turn out to be the result of imaginary situations. 


The emotional attention directed towards a sensual attraction, projected to the pleasure of the senses, could prove unstable, and create emotional tensions. It is also possible that some problems affecting the family and professional spheres could make it difficult to dedicate oneself as one would like to the feeling of love, which could cause misunderstandings with the partner.


Day 18, we will see an important energetic change: Mercury leaves the sign of Pisces to enter Aries, and our way of communicating will become more straightforward , direct, but also a little more rude and argumentative. 


We must therefore try to be careful with words , because it could be something we can later regret. 


The transit is certainly of great help in overcoming some doubts and uncertainties that have accompanied us over the previous months. For this reason, in the second part of April each of us may feel a desire to face speeches or discussions that are too long postponed. 


It is an excellent transit that can help us to move bogged down situations , to confront an undecided interlocutor head on or simply to overcome an emotional stalemate.


April 2019 horoscope for Aries

A new month begins, a month in which many of you are grappling with their birthday celebrations, a special birthday , not only because the Sun is in your sign, but because Mars, your guiding planet, is also supporting you to sword drawn from the sign of Gemini.


There are many reasons to celebrate, therefore, and among these there is also the satisfaction of having managed, last month, to bring home a good result in the field of work, a sector that promises to be full of news. 


The entry of Mars into Gemini, and the end of the retrogradation of Mercury are unlocking a whole series of situations that were pending and that have put you in a bit of fibrillation.


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April 2019 horoscope for Taurus

The first two weeks were lively, cheerful, funny and full of useful meetings especially for work, business, study tests. Mercury and Venus in Pisces form a reassuring sextile to your Sun, a “useful” aspect for the care of personal contacts, the request for interviews and hearings, and also for the opening or expansion of your website with which to promote your business and your products.   


Both Mercury and Venus pass through your Eleventh house, the sector of the horoscope linked to friendships , hopes and projects.


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April 2019 horoscope for Gemini



The planet will in fact remain in your sign until May 15th and will give you an exceptional charge of energy. Mars on the Sun awakens the desire for renewal , a renewal which, you too know, can only happen by “changing course”. 


The time has come to make those changes to your professional life that you feel have become indispensable for moving forward.  Those who have their own business will be urged to find a valid system to improve the work activity of employees or the relationship with their members. Or to close collaborations that don’t work . 


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April 2019 horoscope for Cancer

With Venus and Mercury supporting you with a nice Pisces trine, April begins with an edge . 


The two planets will contribute to making your relationships and understanding with each other easier and more immediate. It is true that Saturn continues to make you confront with limits, rules and doubts about the future, but it is also true that by now you have acquired a greater awareness of yourself and the dynamics of your relationships. 


Furthermore, you can now count on the support of Uranus, a planet that will help you make constructive and positive changes in your life for the next 7 years.


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April 2019 horoscope for Leo

Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius did not go unnoticed. There are many Leos who are raising their standards of life , allowing themselves to do more, to do better, to broaden their business circle, to dedicate themselves to new activities.   


The urge to think big and want to do something more must certainly be supported, but everything must be done with the awareness of one’s resources , one’s possibilities and one’s limits. 


Jupiter, in fact, on day 11 begins its retrograde motion, and everything must be done “cum fiore salis”, and with the right programming, without overdoing it .


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April 2019 horoscope for Virgo

Ruled by Mercury , you are, along with Gemini, one of the signs of the Zodiac that is affected more than all others by the changes of the planet’s guard. 


Mercury’s retrogradation, which began on March 5th, may have given rise to a more nervous , confused phase in which you struggled to stay alert and efficient. 


Precise and painstaking, your mind has likely been more distracted, making it more difficult for you to perform precision and concentration work. 


But it is also likely that work emergencies or some economic problem, perhaps family, have put you in a bad mood. April is a month in which many situations will finally begin to define and unravel, especially after day 18, when Mercury enters Aries.


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Libra April 2019 horoscope

If it is true that the square of Saturn may have caused many of you some work and sentimental problems , it is equally likely that since October you have been able to find positive and alternative answers. 


The balance of the last six months (exactly from your birthday) is not bad at all, because even if you have had to work hard, you have managed to achieve awareness and important goals . 


Arrive in April, therefore, quite satisfied, but also a little tired and weary. It would not be bad to take advantage of the Easter holiday period to give space to rest and body care . 


There is a desire for lightness, the desire to unload some weight from your shoulders and, above all, to experiment with new situations , in new environments, with new people.


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Scorpio April 2019 horoscope

April starts well . Venus and Mercury (until 17) continue to support you with their warm Pisces trine favoring all forms of communication: couple dialogue, relationships with friends and colleagues, study, job interviews. 


The two planets are in your Fifth house, the area of ​​the horoscope that pertains to passion, romance, creative expression, children. Love will therefore be the true protagonist of this spring sky. 


Even the most wary, or disappointed in love Scorpios during this time will be more likely to let go, let go, and reach a greater level of intimacy with their partner. Single or as a couple the desire to have fun, go out, have pleasant experiences will be really great and must undoubtedly be indulged.


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Sagittarius April 2019 horoscope

The transit that this month will give you a bit of a hard time is that of Mars, which from the sign of Gemini will form an aspect of opposition to your Sun. 


It is not a particularly difficult transit, but, when it is in an aspect of tension, it always tends to create a bit of stress and nervousness . Mars, after all, is the planet of action but also of confrontation / confrontation with others. 


And considering that the planet will collide with Jupiter this month, there is the risk of colliding with those who do not give you the win and exceeding the tones. Try not to overdo it : there is a fine line between assertiveness and aggression, but the opposition of Mars could make you lose sight of it.


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Capricorn April 2019 horoscope

Pisces, who up to mid-month will support you with a nice sextile to the Sun. Those of you who, last month, went through a moment of “forced detachment” from your partner, due to work and family commitments, this month will rediscover pleasure to be fully paid . 


The two planets will make you more intuitive, passionate, warm, sensitive to the needs of each other. April is an ideal month to take your loved one by the hand and take them far away, on a magical and romantic journey. 


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April 2019 horoscope for Aquarius

April is a decidedly more benevolent sky than the previous one, marked by the quadrature of Mars in Taurus. 


Not only Mars will be in good aspect to your Sun but after day 18 Mercury and Venus will also be in your favor from the sign of Aries. Turns and improvements appear more than likely , therefore, both in love and in work, especially in the second half of the month. In the wake of these new energies and a splendid psychophysical shape, many of your initiatives this month will be successful. The position that Mercury will take from day 17 is very interesting for the work. 


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April 2019 horoscope for Pisces

With Uranus in favor, a very positive phase of your life is beginning for you, which you will benefit from for 7 years. The planet is helping you to close deals , meet original and interesting people or people who can help you in your work. 


It is an excellent time to start with new business ventures or to try new avenues. Pluto and Saturn, after all, are working so that you can find the true meaning of life , use the resources you are equipped with, but also become aware of your personal power and manage it in the right way. 


This is a period in which there are all the conditions for arriving in a new safe haven, made of stability and success .

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