MSi has officially revealed the new line up of the 1000 series of the new Nvidia Pascal GPU video cards, in particular we are talking about the GTX …

MSi  has officially revealed the new line up of the 1000 series of the new Nvidia Pascal GPU video cards , in particular we are talking about the GTX GeForce 1080 . The new MSi GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G, was built based on the previous model, the  MSi GTX 900 , thanks to its  TWIN FROZR VI heatsink, it   is able to ensure excellent speed at core and memory clocks in order to guarantee better gameplay performance. The TWIN FROZR cooling model has an intensifying glow that can be seen through its cover, but it is also possible to change its color through its RGB LED placed next to the MSI dragonso that we can display it as we please. It has a completely new design: having 10 phases on the PCB using Military Class 5 components  with 8 + 6 pin power connectors,  it allows us to achieve really high performance but if that were not enough, you should know that overclocking is always behind. the corner.msi

Now we will show you the different models of the MSI GTX GeForce 1080 graphics card :

  • ARMOR : The GTX GeForce ARMOR has a truly unique Black & White design, plus it’s a perfect graphics card for case modders. Thermal mode, ARMOR 2X , uses TORX Fan technology, a technology also found in the TWIN TORZ V series , while Advanced Airflow Control has much more advanced cooling performance. Instead, the MSI Zero Frozr technology blocks the fans when it realizes that there is a low turnout of “work”, such as surfing the web or playing games with low performance, making sure that the graphics card is very quiet.gtx1
  • SEA HAWK : The GTX GeForce SEA HAWK is the end product of the Hydro Seriescollaboration between MSI and Corsair . It allows maximum cooling performance and at the same time guarantees excellence in graphic quality. The words of Aaron Neal, Corsair ‘s DYP Product Marketing Manager , said he was satisfied with the collaboration, communicating what was said :

“Collaborating with MSI has been truly fantastic, which has allowed us to create the fastest, quietest and freshest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 possible. The result is a graphics card enhanced by MSI and cooled by Corsair – A duo that is capable of delivering the most sought after graphics cards in the world. “gtx

  • AERO : the GTX GeForce AERO is characterized by a new thermal design that is built all around a radial fan that allows us to push the heat out of our PC, through a special rear exhaust and in order to leave all the other components in cooling. .gtx2


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