MSI recently announced the new flagship model of the X299 family: the X299 XPOWER GAMING AC motherboard. This new motherboard is …

MSI  recently announced the new flagship model of the X299 family : the  X299 XPOWER GAMING AC motherboard . This new motherboard was created for the most demanding users and can be considered a real “monster” consisting of 14 high-end DigitALL phases (12 + 1 + 1) , with Loadline Calibration technology  to push even more extreme Intel Core X Series processors . Also with the addition of the Turbo Socket MSI and the External Clock Gen , both based on Military Class 6 components, even the most demanding overclockers will find in the XPOWER a powerful and valid ally.

The X299 XPOWER GAMING AC is built to continue the path set by past generations of XPOWER models. This generation returns to black with a design that is sure to make lovers of previous generations happy. In addition to top performance, this new motherboard also has some new features . The M.2 Shield FROZR is the new integrated solution for the dissipation of M.2 disks , to no longer have to worry about the heat generated by PCI-Express NVMe M.2 SSD disks that impacts the life of the disks and their performance. This premium solution is connected directly to the motherboard PCH and shares its materials, durability and thickness.

It is also possible to choose between 16.8 million colors and 17 LED effects , allowing us to completely change the face of our system to create mind-blowing lighting effects! To further customize our PC we can use the 3D X-Mounting screws to include in the build any 3D object created by us or simply printed , drawing on the database to find products such as fan holders, supports for video cards or customized covers.

Thanks to Audio Boost 4 , powered by Nahimic 2+ , the X299 XPOWER GAMING AC is able to offer the best possible audio quality thanks to the use of premium components and the design completely isolated from the rest of the PCB components. . Gold-plated connectors and a special protective cover help further isolate the audio signal to peripherals. Steel Armor , on the other hand, is the MSI system that allows both to improve signal isolation and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). This technology, in addition to strengthening all the motherboard connections, improves the performance of memories, video cards and even storage.

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