Medical beds: the features you need to consider before making a purchase

Medical beds: the features you need to consider before making a purchase

Medical beds: the features you need to consider before making a purchase

When it comes to going specifically medical, with the purchase of equipment such as medical beds, electric medical beds, a single wooden medical bed , sometimes we think more about the economy than the functionality of these elements which are fundamental for patient comfort and prolonged use of basic tools for a doctor’s office, for a larger medical center or hospital.

Choosing quality is the key when it comes to medical equipment, that’s clear.

The patient who is on fixed wooden massage tables, who lies down on electric tables for osteopathy, who is stretched on a gynecological table needs maximum comfort.

Now I will make you a list of professional massage tables that can be right for you, so that you can understand the characteristics you will be dealing with if you decide to choose one.

Characteristics of some professional beds

Let’s see together what may be the most interesting features of some professional beds of various types:

  • Folding suitcase massage bed in two sections: it is height-adjustable, it folds like a suitcase. It has a padding of about 5 cm thick, with headrest, the hole for nose-mouth, armrests and the bag for transport. It can hold a weight of 200 kg.
  • Medical examination table in two adjustable joints: adjustable backrest for this type of table, with a tubular steel structure and a maximum weight of 180 kg.
  • Electric medical examination table: table with electrically adjustable height, there is also a manually adjustable backrest. Always tubular structure, 5 cm high padding.
  • Adjustable electric bed for treatments or visits: this type of bed has an electric pedal control that allows you to adjust it during the treatment by the person who does the treatment, to make the visit and the situation the best for the patient. Extremely robust, it has an adjustable mouth-nose hole, fireproof padding and a fixed part to make the seat stable.
  • Three-section gynecological table: being specific for a specific visit, the table has a fixed upper part with very comfortable and completely fireproof padding. The lower part, on the other hand, is fully adjustable and with a mechanical mechanism that allows you to adjust the back of the legs. It is sold with fully padded leg supports.
  • Hydraulic table for medical examination: it is an outpatient or medical examination table that has a hydraulic height adjustment and a backrest that is activated by a gas spring. It can also be requested with wheels operated by means of small pedals which then allow you to move the bed wherever you want, even with the patient lying on it.

This type of beds, which are all professional, are perfect for any need, compatible with what are the characteristics that can be used at the time of purchase.

All the beds have different peculiarities which makes the purchase more specific, therefore less confusing. Any type of specific use can be foreseen through the specifications, in fact, of each cot, precisely to have the right cot, perfect for the requested service.

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