Cooler Master, world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance computer and peripheral components, announces …

Cooler Master , world leader in the design and production of high-performance computer components and peripherals, officially announces , through a press release, the official launch also in our country of a new mid-tower case able to meet the needs of professionals. casual users and gamers: we are talking about the MasterBox 5 , ready to satisfy your every need. The sleek design of the Master Box 5 and flexible interiors make it easy to install components and expand multiple configurations; the case also features several grommets and covers for the power supply, as well as several drive bays to keep the system organized and clean.pt08

The flexibility of the internal layout of the MasterBox 5 makes it simple to configure thanks to modular parts that allow you to remove, slide and rearrange the interior and, at the same time, to be able to support the most voluminous and high-end components such as air coolers, all-in-one or custom liquid cooling systems. Here is what wei Yang , Product Manager North America said :

The Masterbox 5 allows you to expand the full internal potential of a PC and create a design that 100% follows your tastes and personality. This case has been designed to allow the installation of components in complete freedom. With the MasterBox 5, you can easily choose how to configure the inside of the case.

The internal design of the Master Box 5 makes the work of installation or expansion of the PC a real pleasure: the holes for the motherboard, positioned in an intelligent way, allow you to creatively organize the space to adapt everything also to motherboards E -ATX. The internal space allows for the installation of up to three extra-long (410mm) dual-slot graphics cards, and allows you to push liquid cooling to the limit thanks to a support for radiators up to 360mm – all installable at the same time.


The modular design of the internal tray and motherboard create several flexible mounting options. Removable SSD brackets and HDD bays can be rearranged throughout the case. Six routing holes on the motherboard tray allow for multiple mounting options along the entire front and rear section, while an area on the bottom shelf allows an HDD bay and SSD bracket to be installed next to the power supply. You can choose to show or hide your storagethanks to nine SSD mounting positions, including four in the rear; or you can remove all HDD bays from the motherboard tray for a clean look, multiple graphics cards, or to install custom liquid cooling systems.


MasterBox 5 is also enriched by a transparent Plexiglas side panel and other small very interesting details, such as the possibility of installing the fans without removing the front panel, large expansion holes for installing graphics cards, dust filters for maintenance and six routing holes for every imaginable system configuration. Also included is a Stormguard , which helps to safeguard peripherals with a PCI slot security cover. MasterBox 5 will be available starting from July 25th in two versions, Black (MCX-B5S1-KWNN-11) and Dual Tone (white with black inserts MCX-B5S2-WWNN-01), at the official network of distributors, resellers and shops. online Italians of Cooler Masterat a price of around € 82 . Don’t miss out on such a high quality product!

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