Male sexual asthenia: causes and remedies

Male sexual asthenia: causes and remedies

What are we referring to when we talk about male sexual asthenia? How can one look at sexual fatigue with serene eyes in order to be able to remove worries and rediscover the many faces of desire?

Male sexual asthenia: causes and remedies

It starts with mild apathy mixed with boredom. And if you don’t communicate the nascent feeling to your partner, it’s easy to build a castle and settle into it.

Sexuality is often experienced as a separate sphere, as a clipping from a life already full of its own. Instead, sexual energy moves everything, permeates every aspect of reality and also influences daily action, sudden thought.

Let’s take a closer look at what we are talking about when we talk about male sexual asthenia .

Male sexual asthenia: what it is 

In some cases it is simply described as a reduction in male sexual efficiency which may not be associated with  erectile dysfunction  or may not necessarily occur close to the andropause phase .

By itself, even the definition brings us straight to the heart of the matter: sex is not a performance. There is no question of efficiency or score, sex is a communication of intent, an exchange of pure heat, a force that permeates everything and envelops. Having sex in a healthy way is not lying, exploring, experimenting, taking care of the heart and senses of the other. Factors like these cannot be considered. 

Also because the variable of the other person with whom we interface plays a very important role. The efficiency is calculated on a performance. Man is a splendid conglomeration of emotions and forces that play within him in ways that are difficult to predict. 

That said, there is fatigue when there is a drop in libido, sexual desire , which can also be associated with a drop in testosterone.

It can also manifest itself at a young age and lead to related psychological mismatches. It is generally divided between hypoactive sexual desire disorder and sexual aversion disorder.

In the first case there is a lack of sexual fantasies, there is a lack of pure desire , one does not even think of wanting to share moments of intimacy which, on the contrary, become constraints, are lived in a frustrating and obligatory way. In the second case we are faced with the firm will to avoid any type of intimate contact with the other or the other, a clear refusal. 

Female sexual asthenia: causes and remedies

Reactivate sexual desire 

It is thought that the reactivation of sexual energy, that the work on its stagnation is something that must necessarily happen between the sheets, be consumed there: it is not so.

Indeed, if the block starts precisely from approaching possible intimate situations, it is all the more necessary to go and work in another sense and project oneself onto other horizons. One is that of manual creativity , the other is that of the exploration of resources perhaps not considered in daily life and therefore also in the actual physical act. For example, it is common that in many cases of male sexual asthenia we completely move away from a conscious management of the breath , with the accompanying unconscious use of wonderful tools such as that of the voice . 

Reconsidering the use of the breath and the voice first in daily life and then on the other person is something that can reactivate a lot of sexual and creative energy in general.

Resuming a gymnastics practice  and carrying it out consistently also helps a lot on the sexual side. If you decide to go to the eastern side, let’s mention tantra , a vast practice that must be deepened and cultivated with serious guides. In fact, the sexual dimension should touch and be an intersection with that of the game.

Dramatizing the situation does not help on a psychological level and causes further suffering to the individual and the couple. Aversion, disgust, fear and lack of reception are typical manifestations of sexual asthenia and can themselves be “ridiculed”, brought back to a level where the breath tries to be serene and the whole body participates in life.

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