Main causes of low blood pressure

Main causes of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure, like high blood pressure, should not be underestimated: here are some of the main triggering causes, acute or chronic, and some advice to keep it under control.

Main causes of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure not to be underestimated

There are many people who suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension : women, men, the elderly or children, with the pressure that goes down you can’t mess around.

Dizziness, vertigo, nausea, blurred vision and a sense of fainting more or less heavy : low blood pressure can be a temporary and acute symptomatology , perhaps linked to heat or physical discomfort, but it can also hide pathologies or disorders and be chronic and physiological .

However, the causes of pressure drops are not always known or investigated; instead it would be useful to go to the bottom, through examinations and an accurate diagnosis prescribed by a specialist .

Here are just a few simple and general indications to understand what may be the main causes of low blood pressure.

But be careful, it is always good to consider the possibility of relying on a doctor to clarify any doubts or for an in-depth visit.

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Low blood pressure, what causes

Speaking in numbers, when the arterial pressure of an adult and of good and healthy constitution falls, in a state of rest, below 90/60 mm Hg , then we speak of low blood pressure. In some cases it can also be considered a positive element, as it protects against cardiovascular diseases; but be careful not to underestimate it.

The causes of temporary low blood pressure can be related to : 

> Intense sporting activity, perhaps combined with a diet low in salt or liquids;
> period of the cycle in women;
> increase in external temperatures and heat, with consequent sweat and dehydration;
> orthostatic hypotension, for example when standing up suddenly.

Other causes can be linked to pathologies or to the intake of certain medicines : 

> Amyloidosis, thyroid dysfunction, cardiac dysfunction, anemia;
> allergies;
> diarrhea or chronic intestinal diseases;
> drugs for hypertension;
> use or abuse of diuretics or antidepressants;
> drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s;
> drugs for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy.

What to do in case of low blood pressure

If you feel faint, the first advice that doctors usually give is to implement the “positioning in Trendelemburg or anti-shock position”, that is , lie down, unfastening any clothes that force, keeping the legs more raised, above heart level.

In stronger or habitual hypotensive crises, a vasoconstrictor drug is usually prescribed, so that the circulation begins to activate again quickly.

Among the natural remedies for low blood pressure , we remember certain foods and particular diets, such as licorice, or sweet cures based on eleutherococcus or horsetail can be useful. Obviously all before medical consultation.


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