Magnesium supplements: can they help you lose weight?

Magnesium supplements: can they help you lose weight?

Is taking magnesium supplements useful for weight loss? THE

Magnesium is a mineral salt whose integration is generally recommended in most cases, for adults, and it is very important for sportsmen: it is easy to be deficient in this mineral … But does a deficiency make you fat?

In general, taking magnesium supplements does not lose weight per se, but it does have an indirect slimming action. Let’s see why.


Magnesium supplements have a complementary action to calcium: in fact they are useful for supporting the musculoskeletal system, useful for supporting the metabolism of nucleic acids, fats, proteins and in particular carbohydrates.
This means that they allow the body to make the best use of carbohydrates as a source of energy.
They regulate pressure, nerve stimulation, and help against fatigue and muscle recovery.
They improve intestinal regularity.
It is rare to have an excess of magnesium, while it is more common to have a deficiency.
Please note !!!
Magnesium supplementation is recommended, as well as for people who train and in the summer, when they sweat more, in cases of hypothyroidism with hormone therapy (hormones T4 and T3 “steal” magnesium), in cases of stress and in cases of high blood sugar (in combination with chromium and brewer’s yeast. Chromium and yeast in the morning, magnesium in the evening).


In case of tiredness and fatigue but also disturbed and not very restful sleep, magnesium supplements, taken in the evening, help the body to recover strength and energy. So you feel more energetic and rested, and this obviously has a weight if you want to lose weight, because one of the frequent symptoms of those who are on a diet is fatigue.
In those who do sports or practical activities that include manual work and fatigue, magnesium helps to face efforts with the right energy, and therefore indirectly helps in energy expenditure and promotes recovery after training. If you feel sluggish and tired or poorly rested, you tend to burn less energy, reducing the energy expenditure from Neat .

Personally, the types of magnesium supplements I recommend are : magnesium citrate, magnesium picolinate, marine magnesium, magnesium carbonate, and bisglycinate . One of the problems with magnesium supplements is in fact that they often lead to intestinal pain, and in fact they must be taken on a full stomach: the types of magnesium that I have listed do not have this side effect.
But if you don’t want to take supplements , here is a recipe for a magnesium supplement that you can make at home at no cost, which also has a strong cleansing effect.

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