Low-carb diet: how to make it by eating carbohydrates

Low-carb diet: how to make it by eating carbohydrates

lowcarbAnd let’s go back to talking about the low-carb diet , which, as you know, a recent research in the Annals of Internal Medicine , has established that you lose more weight (albeit a few more pounds) than a low-fat diet.
If you read this blog you also know that I do not recommend doing a real low-carb diet , which I think, after having tried dozens of them on my skin, that protein and high-protein diets are bad for your health and do not solve the problem of extra pounds. Having said that, I also believe that everyone has the right to independently make the diet they deem most appropriate to lose weight. So: be it Dukan, Paleo or Atkins, if you want to try a low-carb diet feel free to do so.. But if, on the other hand, and more wisely, you bet on a balanced diet to lose weight , here are three tricks that will allow you to have the same benefits of a low-carb diet without giving up carbohydrates. In short, three tips that will allow you to lose weight at the same speed as a protein diet, but without damage to health . Don’t believe it? Here they are: 1) Eat everything: choose a balanced diet that does not exclude certain whole categories of foods. The diet to have a greater effect on weight loss must be as varied as possible. Dietary imbalances slow down the metabolism. 2) What carbohydrates to eat? Those with a low glycemic index

(legumes, wholemeal bread and pasta, whole grains), vegetables and fruit are preferred instead of pizza, white bread and pasta, white rice. Also, if you want to have immediate effects on overweight, give up sugar but without artificial sweeteners: yes instead to stevia and erythritol.
3) Listen to your body: if you are eating right you should feel good right away. If a diet gives you stomach cramps and symptoms of weakness, review your diet!

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