Losing weight and… boyfriend

Losing weight and… boyfriend

girlbesafidanzEve Parker was fat, practically seriously obese: a beautiful girl imprisoned in a body that gave her health as well as aesthetic problems. However, she had found her love: her boyfriend liked the young Eve not plump, but really fat. There are many women who, gaining weight due to pregnancy or various accidents, lose their husbands or boyfriends, who no longer find them as attractive as they used to be: and other women who face a dietary path and a revolution in their appearance because they want to be thin. and attractive to their new married life or partner.

Too bad that for Eve’s boyfriend, the attraction to fat women was a real obsession : and so, when she, for serious health problems (her doctor had told her that if she did not lose weight, she would not have reached 40 years) , he said goodbye to junk food losing over sixty kilos , he first did everything to persuade her not to lose weight while risking death, then he dumped her.
The disconcerting news went around half the world, and was published with an interview in the Huffington Post .

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