Lose weight with fruit: 15 alternatives plus the menu

Lose weight with fruit: 15 alternatives plus the menu

Is it possible and healthy to lose weight with fruit?
The answer is yes in both cases. Fruit has recently been demonized for two reasons.
On the one hand, it is thought that simple fruit sugars, and in particular fructose, are contraindicated in the diet, because they increase blood sugar, promote visceral fat and worsen liver health.

Nothing more wrong.
Because fruit not only contains fructose, but also glucose, mineral salts, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber and because the studies that have correlated fructose with the risk of overweight have been done on mice, often fed at very high concentrations of fructose syrup. glucose or often treated with hepatic injections of fructose. Until a study that considered only fruit in mice instead noted the opposite: an increase in metabolism and a reduction in overweight.
So it is possible to lose weight with fruit, so much so that we talk about the fruit paradox : those who eat more fruit have a lower weight, lower risk of disease and less fat on the belly.

The second reason is that in some cases fruit causes digestive problems. In these cases, I recommend eating some types of fruit such as pears or apples cooked, and eating the others raw, but in all cases eating fruit between meals if we have already eaten other types of carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice. or potatoes.

In this article we see the properties of 15 fruits that induce the reduction of body weight.
By taking advantage of this knowledge, we could lose weight by focusing on the individual characteristics of a fruit and thus managing to lose weight with fruit, and without effort. On page two we also see a healthy weight loss plan for those who want to follow a fruit diet without any contraindications.

For example, if we suffer from nervous hunger, this article will help us find those fruits that make it decrease; if our problem is abdominal swelling, the solution could always come from fruit. Let’s see how.


  1. Avocado: Avocado, the fruit full of monounsaturated fat, boosts testosterone and metabolism, two things that lead to rapid weight loss. And if we go to the gym, it is the fruit for us. Let’s try eating it as a salad for lunch by reducing olive oil or blending 100 grams with stevia and a spoonful of cocoa for a 100% natural chocolate pudding to eat for breakfast, with only 175 calories.
  2. Pears. Pears have a valuable fiber content that increases the sense of satiety. If our problem is continual hunger and constipation, we eat cooked pears.
  3. Blueberries: they are detoxifying and rich in antioxidants, in particular anthocyanins, they allow us to purify ourselves of those substances that favor weight accumulation and reduce cardiovascular risk and retention.
  4. Apples: I don’t think there is more satiating fruit precisely because it is fibrous. Do you want to lose weight right away? Eat a 150-gram apple just before lunch and dinner.
  5. Bananas: bananas have viscous fibers and a supply of glucose and fructose that reduce the desire for sweets. They are well tolerated by all when mature. Eat a small one in the afternoon, ripe, if you want to avoid picking sweets until evening, paired with a carrot or a cucumber. Or combined with yogurt for breakfast if you want to arrive for lunch without excruciating hunger.
  6. Dehydrated or dried fruit: dried figs and so on are useful for reducing cholesterol, because they are rich in mineral salts.
  7. Coconut: it is a real superfruit. Let’s use the oil, milk, flour in our everyday kitchen. Helps the liver, intestines and increases metabolism.
  8. Lemon: detoxifies the liver, regulates the intestine, is a strong antioxidant.
  9. Grapefruit: it has friendly fibers of the line, certified slimming properties and a water content that makes it very moisturizing.
  10. Pomegranate: removes nervous hunger, is rich in antioxidants, fights water retention, the risk of senile dementia, the risk of diabetes. Do you suffer from cellulite? Eat pomegranates.
  11. Oranges: both whole and squeezed, they are excellent from a nutritional point of view, help the immune system, reduce stress, make you eat less.
  12. Papaya – a very interesting exotic fruit. If you have hormone problems and cycle problems, eat papaya. It is rich in vitamin C and contains an enzyme, papain, which nourishes the good intestinal flora and promotes digestion, helping us to deflate the belly. Like pineapple, it should be eaten after protein meals. For example chicken with vegetables + papaya or pineapple.
  13. Plums: not only promote regularity (try them cooked), but they also stave off nervous hunger.
  14. Cantaloupe or bread melon: orange melon, so to speak, fills you up a lot and hydrates you. Eating it with ham makes it the best dish of the summer, but also on its own, especially in the afternoon. Apart from the ham, melon and watermelon should be consumed between meals.
  15. Peaches: detoxifying and antioxidant, hydrate with few calories. They are the ideal hunger breaker of a diet.
    On page two we see how to lose weight with fruit with a scheme that allows you to lose a kilo a week

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