Lose 50 kilos with the “selfie diet”

Lose 50 kilos with the “selfie diet”

evafotoselfieA 35-year-old woman lost the beauty of fifty kilos , finding the motivation to lose so much weight thanks to selfies: exploiting the “social” power of social networks such as facebook, the thirty-five-year-old Icelandic Eva Rut Gunnlaugsdottir has publicly documented her loss of weight by taking a selfie a day showing how fat she was and how little by little she was losing weight. It worked: This is a weight loss trick that made point diets famous – the social recognition trick.
How does Weight Watchers and many similar diets work

Aside from the points meal plan, there is a support group that is an integral part of the diet system: yesweighs publicly (ie during group renunciations) and the results are commented on both in case of success and failure, helped by other members of the group who are following the same food path. Eva used this tactic with facebook : you know, fb can be really ruthless, and the daily comments on Eva’s photos motivated her day by day, acting as a support group.
The trick worked, giving Eva the strength to lose 50 kilos in order to demonstrate to everyone, virtual acquaintances and friends, that she is able to lose weight.
It all happened by chance: Eva posted a selfie of her, she was depressed because she was fat, but looking at herself portrayed and “posted” on a social network she also felt quite humiliated. What did her diet consist of?
Eva said goodbye to wheat, sugar and starchy foods like rice, corn and potatoes – she ate whole grains, legumes, proteins, fruits and vegetables and started losing weight. Every day she posted a photo of her as a reminder. Whenever she was in the mood for sweets, all she had to do was log on to fb and see the comments or see her photo of her to let her pass immediately. Perhaps a masochistic way to lose weight, but it is not the first case of a person who, thanks to the selfies of fb, has lost a lot of kilos : at the moment it is in fact the third case that jumped to the news of which I spoke. What to say? The trick works.

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