Lose 22 pounds on the RP diet plan

Lose 22 pounds on the RP diet plan

It is called Renaissance Periodization , and it is a paid weight loss program that is very popular abroad, and which has given amazing results to many overweight people, who have managed to lose 12 to 20 kilos in the space of two to six months to a year. . In this article, starting from the experiences of some women who have tried it, I give you some free tips of this new slimming program to achieve similar results . In particular, we see how a mother who weighed 75 kilos lost over 22 kilos in a year, transforming her body and effectively becoming another person ( herein English a newspaper talks about its history): an amazing result obtained with Renaissance Periodization, which combines the experience of a group of famous personal trainers and dieticians and nutritionists. Another woman lost about 13 kilos in 3 months (the one in the photo).

Renaissance Periodization is a program that combines 3-4 weekly training sessions with Crossifit or Weights (resistance exercises) and a varied diet based on proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but where the latter are used strategically close to training. If we train in the morning, let’s eat them between breakfast (a fruit) and lunch (whole grains). If we train in the evening, between snack and dinner. To do a similar path, it is therefore necessary to train in the gym 3 to 4 times a week , for about an hour, doing exercises that include weights (barbell, dumbbells, etc.).
Every 3-4 weeks a dietary break is recommended, with a week of moderate diet.

A typical day includes: a shake with 15 grams of whey protein (you can buy them online) as soon as you wake up, with coffee and tea, a low-carbohydrate breakfast with an egg whites omelet and a fruit or yogurt Greek skimmed with a piece of fruit.
At lunch, 100 grams of rice or wholemeal pasta weighed when cooked, plenty of vegetables of your choice, a tablespoon of oil, lean meat or fish (a portion of 150 grams). For dinner, a second course based on meat or fish or low-fat cheese (cottage cheese, lean ricotta) with vegetables and a maximum tablespoon of oil. At snack and after dinner, another shake in water with half a scoop (about 15 grams) of protein. For snacksyou can eat a rice cake with a teaspoon of almond or peanut butter, or 10 almonds and a small fruit (for example a mandarin) or 5-6 walnuts. If you train in the afternoon, lunch should be substituted for dinner. The program is in English only, and you can find it here .

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