Lose 2 pounds a week with Reverse Fasting

Lose 2 pounds a week with Reverse Fasting

What is Reverse Fasting? This is a very practical form of intermittent fasting, and much more effective than other intermittent fasting schemes. Reverse Fasting uses natural circadian rhythms and sunlight to enhance weight loss. Without limiting oneself in portions and without counting calories, with Reverse Fasting you can lose 2 kilos a week.

How Reverse Fasting Works

After the latest study that rewards intermittent fasting as a strategy to lose weight, eating for 12 hours and fasting for as many hours, Dr. Amy Shah , expert in nutrition and hormonal health, talked, along with others, about the benefits of intermittent fasting. according to the solar movement.
Thus we speak of Reverse Fasting.

Reverse Fasting involves eating during the hours of the day, having the largest meal from the morning, then having a moderate but satisfying lunch, and finally having a very light dinner by six or seven in the afternoon.
No more than 12 hours should pass from the start of breakfast to the end of dinner.

In the evening we can drink herbal teas without sugar or sweetened with zero calories, relax and help intestinal rest.
In the morning, the metabolism is boosted by the fasting phase, and this is added to its natural circadian pattern.

In fact, during the day we are in a catabolic phase (from dawn to early afternoon), which means that the body tries to use food to produce more energy and at the same time disposes of toxins. From afternoon to night, however, we are in the anabolic phase, which is a phase of reconstruction but also of storage.
If we make the catabolic phase coincide with our food phase, and we avoid eating in the anabolic phase, that’s it. You lose weight more easily.

The ideal is to wake up very early in the morning, having a hearty breakfast around six or seven. And have dinner by six, perhaps avoiding the actual dinner and having both a sweet and savory snack around five thirty. From six in the morning to six in the evening, we can also have numerous snacks. The number of meals does not matter, although it is always better to eat more abundantly in the morning.

How to do Reverse Fasting

The important thing is that at six in the afternoon we stopped eating, no matter what foods we choose. So breakfast and lunch can be as always, if anything, dinner changes, which will not be made and will be replaced by a snack. For example, at half past five you can have dinner with a protein shake, leaving your eating habits unchanged for the first part of the day.

Breakfast : abundant.
For example, skimmed Greek yogurt or a glass of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk.
50 grams of breakfast cereals or oat flakes or the same weight of wholemeal bread with two teaspoons of jam.
A fruit like a banana. 50 grams of light cheese or ricotta or an egg.

Snack: a cappuccino or a fruit or a dozen almonds.

Lunch: as usual.

Snack at 16.00: 10 grams of dark chocolate or a wholemeal biscuit.

Snack that replaces dinner: Oreo-flavored smoothie of oatmeal or mint + chocolate .

Those who train will have to do it when they feed themselves, in order to avoid excess stress.
In fact, I remind you that intermittent fasting is still stressful. Therefore, those who want to try it must then remember to slow down from late afternoon to waking up. So if you work in the evening or do demanding activities in the evening, this method will not work for you.

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