“Liver Detox” by Christopher Vasey

“Liver Detox” by Christopher Vasey

The liver performs more than 500 functions and is connected to vital organs, such as the heart. Taking care of this large organ is important, and taking the time to detoxify it is just as important.The book is a practical and simple guide to decongest an overloaded liver, and to keep it healthy.

"Liver Detox" by Christopher Vasey

Naturopathy is a universe yet to be discovered In recent years, many schools of naturopathy have flourished , but the discipline has always existed.

Once it was called folk medicine, then it took the name of natural medicine, then passing through the traditional medicines of various parts of the world, but naturopathy is much more than a medicine that treats the symptom .

Naturopathy deals with the state of  health rather than disease, considering the individual an essential unit much more complex than the sum of its parts, understood as organs and physiological functions.

Naturopathy aims to resolve the cause of the symptom without suppressing it, creating the conditions for health, making the “terrain”, that is the environment in which the health itself occurs or, on the contrary, the symptom, balanced.

” Detox for the liver” , published by ” Il punto d’incontro” , starts from this premise: the author is Christopher Vasey , author of numerous books on natural well-being and naturopathic who was trained in France and also practices in Switzerland , where this particular professional figure is more recognized and valued than it is in Italy.

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Theme of the book are liver and liver health , how to achieve it through natural remedies, nutrition and supplements, and easy exercises to stimulate its functionality, and how to maintain it over time.

The reading opens with a simple self-assessment test , by carrying out which you can realize how complex the work of this organ is, even when you think you are leading a healthy life: the well-being of the liver is in fact constantly put to the test. test from what we introduce into the body, often without even realizing it.

Quickly passing through the concept of ” land “, essential in naturopathy, it is highlighted how important it is to always take care of one’s health, not only when a symptom arises to focus attention on a specific problem.

Subsequently we introduce, with simple definitions, the functions of the liver, its anatomy and physiology and, very interestingly, the connections between the proper functioning of the liver and the other organs responsible for digestion, and it is emphasized that the well-being of one is essential. to the well-being of the whole: here is also introduced another important concept for the naturopath, that of “olos” and “holistic”.

And so we discover, with a lexicon and terms within everyone’s reach, the interaction between liver and intestine , between liver and stomach , between liver and kidneys , between liver and gallbladder , between liver and cardiovascular system .

With this in mind , taking care of the liver , which is responsible for numerous functions essential to the health of the living being, means helping, when necessary, the weaker function of other organs and, at the same time, improving digestion, circulation, heart health, and, above all, the defense against foreign cells and the toxins that the body inevitably produces , even in situations of optimal nutrition and life.

This first part lays some foundations of naturopathy and theory in general, distinguishing the concepts of “soil” and “toxins” , illustrating what the liver does, up to the list of diseases that can affect this organ.

The second part is more practical : starting from the assumption that the main job of the liver is to process what is introduced from the outside and the waste substances of cellular and food metabolism, the chapters illustrate the diet to follow.

It is through the introduction of certain foods, and the exclusion of others, from one’s diet that one can act on a weakened liver .

The use of liver plants readily available as supplements in health food stores, pharmacies and health food stores detoxifies the liver.

Of the many existing plants, few main names are given, their function is illustrated , and a rough indication of the quantity and duration of intake is also given, always specifying that each is a universe in its own right, thus recommending gradual dosages .

Liver health can also be stimulated from the outside , through body wraps, gymnastics and massages .

And when the liver alone fails to work optimally, it is possible to act on the intestine : these two organs, in fact, work together and the imbalance of one inevitably affects the other.

At the end of the book a practical chapter with detoxification and liver regeneration paths: there are 4 paths, from those with a slightly congested liver to those who instead force them to overwork, with clear and simple nutrition indications, healing plants and supplements to assume, exercises and natural remedies to perform.

An effective book for natural wellness operators , which constitutes a valid compendium of the most important things to remember about liver health from a completely naturopathic point of view, but also useful for those who do not deal with naturopathy and are simply interested in own physical balance.


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