Light tiramisu: an easy and light goodness.

Light tiramisu: an easy and light goodness.

tiramisu light an easy and light goodness

Light tiramisu: an easy and light goodness.
Author:  D.
Preparation time:  40 minutes
Cooking time:  7 minutes
Total time:  47 minutes
For:  6
This light tiramisu recipe is truly mouth-watering. The serving is for six generous servings and the calories per serving are 250. A serving of traditional tiramisu has about 400 calories, this light tiramisu has 250 calories and a truly excellent taste. Try it.
  • For six people.
  • – Eight packets of pavesini (one pack. Total calories: 792)
  • – Bitter coffe
  • – 50 gr. fructose (200 calories)
  • – 20 gr. cornstarch (about 66 calories)
  • – vanilla flavoring paneangeli or similar (not vanillin)
  • – rum paneangeli aroma
  • – 400 ml. skimmed milk (Total calories: about 120)
  • – a 175 gr package of Exquisa light or similar spreadable cheese (Total calories: about 276)
  • – 20 gr. bitter cocoa (64 calories)
  • – a pinch of salt
  • Calories per serving: about 250
  1. In a saucepan, mix 4 level spoons of fructose with two of cornstarch and add the milk a little at a time and the vanilla flavor. Put on low heat and stir constantly, cooking until boiling. You will get a white cream that you have to let cool so that it thickens well.
  2. In a bowl, mix the cheese with a level spoonful of fructose and the rum aroma. Add the light white cream and mix, then keep it in the fridge for about twenty minutes.
  3. In a pan for six people, spread a first layer of pavesini dipped in bitter coffee, a layer of white cream and so on for three layers (finish with the white cream). Sprinkle with two level spoons of unsweetened cocoa and keep in the fridge until ready to serve.
  5. Replace fructose with a calorie-free sweetener, such as stevia. If you want to reduce just a little, honey is fine.
  6. Replace the light cheese with 200 gr. of low-fat Greek yogurt.

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