Light Christmas dried fruit cake

Light Christmas dried fruit cake

A light cake that can be an alternative for those looking for something different from pandoro and panettone, and who need to cook healthy and low-calorie desserts even during the holidays.

This light dried fruit cake is the equivalent of the famous Christmas fruit cake, a simple dessert rich in dried and dehydrated fruit and often accompanied by white lemon icing that covers it entirely. Already in the traditional version, the dried fruit cake is not difficult to make.

But this light dried fruit cake is not only low in calories , it is also simpler and will allow you to make a great impression at the table. In fact, it has very little fat and there is no sugar thanks to that contained in dehydrated fruit.


Ingredients for 16 servings

200 grams of prunes
100 grams of dates
One hundred grams of fresh blueberries
200 grams of dried figs
150 grams of dried apricots or candied orange or candied cherries
100 grams of Melinda apple puree
half a cup of unsweetened apple or orange juice (150 ml )
rum or brandy flavoring
2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil
70 grams of white einkorn spelled flour or normal 00 flour
30 grams of wholemeal buckwheat or normal flour
3 medium organic eggs
a pinch of salt ground
cinnamon, nails carnation powder and ginger or cardamom powder
the grated rind of an orange or lemon
a sachet of baking powder
2 tablespoons of sliced ​​almonds to decorate.


Soak the dehydrated fruit for an hour in warm water. Squeeze it, cut it into coarse chunks and put it in a saucepan with the apple puree and brandy and apple juice plus the aroma. Bring to a boil, cook for a minute. Remove from the heat and add the oil and blueberries. Let it cool down.
Sift the two flours with the baking powder and add the beaten eggs, the spices and a pinch of salt, plus the citrus zest. Add the dried fruit and blueberry cream. Mix everything well and pour the cake into a 22/24 cm diameter cake pan. Decorate the surface with the sliced ​​almonds and bake at 170 ° for an hour and a half. Calories per serving: 145

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