Light breakfast: the ideas of Dr. Migliaccio

Light breakfast: the ideas of Dr. Migliaccio

Three light and balanced breakfast ideas to reduce the action of cortisol in the morning and get satisfied enough not to get too hungry for lunch, but with an eye on calories for those who want to lose weight.

Here are three useful tips for a light breakfast according to Dr. Migliaccio , nutritionist, in line with the Mediterranean diet and without too many sacrifices.


180 calorie breakfast.

  • Latte with 150 ml of semi-skimmed milk + a teaspoon of honey or raw sugar.
  • Two rusks or 20 grams of breakfast cereals (preferably without too many added sugars.
    For example All Bran) or 2 tablespoons of muesli or a wholemeal rusk with a small fruit (100 grams) including apple, pear, peach, kiwi or with 150 grams of red fruits (also blended to create a quick fruit compote).

200 calorie breakfast.

  • A partially skimmed milk cappuccino (100 ml) with half a sachet of sugar (5 grams) + 2 wholemeal rusks with 2 small teaspoons of hazelnut cream (10 grams) or jam (15 grams).
    As an alternative to slices, a snack without too much fat and too many added sugars (possible options: a pack of pavesini / a fitness bar). 170/200 calorie breakfast.
  • Coffee or tea with no added sugar or with truvia.
  • 150/170 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt or 125 grams of low-fat white yogurt + 150 grams of pineapple, kiwi, red fruits or 250 grams of watermelon or 200 grams of melon.

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